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Charismatic Kitchen and Bathroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Your kitchen and bathroom deserve to be decorated aesthetically just like the rest of your home. So what can be better than creating a feature wall that adds new dimensions and depth to these functional rooms? 

The concept of feature or accent walls is no longer limited to contrasting paint color. Although this approach is still in fashion, there are now many other trendy materials to decorate your kitchen and bathroom accent walls. Each material has a different style and charm, from traditional to modern, and from formal to stylish.


This article is all about exquisite kitchen and bathroom accent wall décor ideas. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen Accent Wall Decor Ideas

The Wood Slat Wall

The trend of wood slat walls dates back to mid-century designs where they became a big hit for their low-cost and airy look. Although they waned in popularity after 1970 because of their extensive use, they’re once again in the limelight. 

Creating a slat wall involves placing thin strips of wood vertically or horizontally at equal distances. This accent wall offers you the freedom to choose your desired strip thickness, paint finish, wood stain, and length of distance.

Alternatively, ready-to-install panels are also available in the market. With a mix of traditional and contemporary styles, wood slat walls are particularly suitable for eclectic, rustic and natural kitchen designs with enough wall space. 

Geometric Pattern

If you’re in the mood for a patterned look, geometric shapes are a worthwhile option because they can turn an otherwise dull space into an alluring spot. They look playful and stylish, and there are several ways you can incorporate them.

You might opt for self-adhesive tiles, wallpaper, a geometric wall panel, MDF panels or simply get them painted on your wall. Especially, if you’re into DIY, you should definitely have a shot at creating geometric patterns. 

The choice of colors is totally up to you but an all-white kitchen with a contrasting geometric wall looks super cool. Select angled shapes like triangles, squares, and honeycombs for your kitchen as they signify balance and efficiency. 

Printed Wallpaper 

You can never go wrong with wallpaper. It’s the most sustainable and versatile choice for interiors because you get tremendous patterns to choose from.

Floral wallpaper backsplash can give a whole new vibe to your kitchen. If not floral, whimsical, geometric, botanical, gingham, and metallic wallpapers are there to enliven your kitchen accent wall. 

However, in the case of backsplash, it’s advisable to cover the wallpaper with glass, apply a clear, water-proof sealant on its surface or use a vinyl wallpaper because backsplashes demand routine cleaning which a normal wallpaper can’t withstand.   

Kitchen and Bathroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Gray Tone 

A light gray accent wall when coupled with cream or white walls, creates a modest and minimalist look. If you’re a bit skeptical about a textured or patterned wall and admire simple aesthetics, a gray-toned wall is a viable choice.

You can also hang framed artwork or a white wall clock to make it more visually appealing.

Marble Finish

Marble is a timeless material when it comes to architecture and interiors. Its opulence and natural luster make it a striking feature in ultra-modern kitchen designs.

Especially, if you plan to use backsplash as your accent wall, marble can be a premium pick because it's easy to clean and durable. There are multiple color options available, so you’re always going to find the one that complements your kitchen interior.     


For art enthusiasts, murals are a creative option to decorate an accent wall. It can be any art piece you like, such as an inspirational quote, painting, or mosaic. Especially, galley kitchens often feature an empty wall which makes for a perfect canvas for murals.

House Plants

Creating an accent wall in your kitchen can be as simple as making it a display spot for indoor plants.

Hanging planters on your wall is a stellar idea if your kitchen receives enough sunlight and fresh air. An added benefit of houseplants is their ability to remove pollutants and carbon dioxide, thus improving your home’s air quality. 

The only concern is that plants require extra care and look-after, but if you’re a nature lover, it isn’t going to bother you. Right?  

Mirrored Backsplash 

Mirrored backsplash as an accent wall is an impeccable choice to create an illusion of spaciousness in a small kitchen. They give dimension to your kitchen and reflect natural light which makes the space feel bigger and brighter.

You can easily wipe off the dirt and water using a soft cloth which means ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Bathroom Accent Wall decor Ideas


Want a sleek and clean look in your bathroom? Try shiplap. It complements a wide range of bathroom styles, thanks to its versatility, although farmhouse-style bathrooms are where it’s most seen. 

Although shiplap is water-resistant, it can still absorb some moisture and thus, is not a suitable option for high-moisture areas. If you intend to use shiplap on an accent wall, it’s advisable to use it in a half-bath without a bathtub or shower. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Stylish Tiles

There is such a stunning variety of bathroom tiles available that will make you wow. Here are certain options:

  • Creating a hassle-free wood effect in bathrooms is now possible because wood-effect porcelain tiles have recently emerged. They have become a hot choice for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces because they are more durable and resistant to moisture, stains and scratches than wood. 

  • If you desire a floor-to-ceiling accent wall, graphic patterned tiles are there to personalize your space. They look just as chic on the backsplashes and are available in both bold and soft designs.

  • Herringbone tiles are another possibility if you’re using the backsplash as an accent wall. They can be extended onto the flooring to create a seamless design.

  • Textured-finish ceramic and porcelain tiles can elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom and are available in both retro and modern styles to suit your needs. Textured walls serve as an outstanding backdrop for framed/illuminated mirror and wall sconces.  

  • Mosaic tiles create a unique, aesthetic design on your wall with their intricate patterns and vibrant colors, taking center stage while enhancing the overall beauty of your bathroom. However, if you want a more unique and luxurious look, 3D tiles are a top-tier selection. They can effortlessly turn a dull interior into a stunning panorama. Both of these tiles are resistant to stains and moisture.

  • If you’re drawn towards a minimalist look, choose plain, pastel tiles for your feature wall as they perfectly blend with an all-white bathroom.


Kitchen and Bathroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Patterned or Textured Wallpaper 

It’s a common perception that wallpapers being less durable can’t be used in bathrooms. Well, that’s not true for vinyl or vinyl-coated wallpapers as they are waterproof, allowing you to freely use them as a décor for your bathroom accent wall to create a captivating look. 

The vast collection of textures, colors and patterns enables you to choose the perfect one for your bathroom based on your needs and preferences. However, try to avoid using grasscloth wallpaper in bathrooms because made with natural materials, it’s not a good absorbent and thus, will be easily affected by moisture. 

Board and Batten

Board and batten is a perfect union of style and functionality. It shields delicate walls like plaster walls from damage and imparts a formal, graceful look to interiors. In small areas, where decorating a space is a challenge, board and batten accent wall is a real winner. 

Whether half or full wall board and batten? It’s up to you. The panels are manufactured from various materials but PVC boards, being waterproof are ideal for use in wet areas.    


Decorating an accent or feature wall is not rocket science. The main task is planning which if properly done can give a refreshing vibe to your space.

For small kitchens and bathrooms, materials like vertical shiplap, bold and/or large-scale wallpaper, board and batten, mosaic tiles and mirrored backsplashes are ideal as accent walls. They look adorable without making the space feel cramped. 

Deciding which wall should be the accent wall is a personal choice, nonetheless, in bathrooms, the wall behind the vanity or sink often works well. Whereas, if your bathroom is located at the end of the hallway, the wall right opposite the entrance is a spot-on choice since it’s often visible from the outside.

Backsplashes are frequently used as accent walls in both kitchens and bathrooms, you just need to make sure that the material you’re using can withstand the high moisture content and is easy to clean. You’re good to go then!

Jenny Kakoudakis

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors. She launched award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

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