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Creative Homework spaces for kids

homework space in alcove with yellow lamp and ottoman

With the new school year just around the corner, this is the right time to get organised with your kid's workspace. From a new desk and chair to a whole room makeover, you want to have everything in place before the school bell rings. The last week before school should be all about getting back to a routine - early night sleeping for example - not about painting walls and building desks! You also want to have enough time to check out and order cool new accessories, everything to get your kids motivated about a fresh start at school.

Even if you already have a work space arranged for them, how are you feeling about their whole room in general? Is the furniture practically arranged for their age group?

There are quite a few things I have learnt this summer talking to a educational psychologist and which I will be using to take my kid's learning to the next level (and so can you!).

Photo: The Wildones