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Garden update with Danetti

Danetti palermo garden bench and coffee table, Diptyque candle on a designer book

With Summer almost upon us, we all look to the garden for entertainment and relaxation. We expect it to look good, and we are prepared to spend time giving it as much TLC as is needed, whether painting fences, planting new flowers or installing outdoors lighting. And gone are the days when the plain old fashioned teak furniture would do. We want modern furniture that looks good and is built to last.

The majority of what we see on the high street is not really affordable. With the price of a good quality outdoor sofa set (sofa and coffee table) going well into the range of a very expensive 3 seater sofa (aka over £2,000) it is easy to see why sticking with the old furniture for as long as possible sounds like a plan for most.

a designer garden with footpath