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Renovating a home can seem a daunting thing (and it not a straight forward task) but what if you turned your attention to hotel design for inspiration. Hotels manage to have a consistent look throughout many different rooms, and even their bedrooms are not 100% identical, which can help you come up with small differences to replicate in your own space for that all important flow from one room to the next. And if pastel colours are what you are after, then the newly opened EDEN LOCKE should be your best source of inspiration!

Shortlisted as one of the 39 Global best Urban Hotels of 2018 by Wallpaper Magazine, EDEN LOCKE is a pastel lover's paradise. But it's more than that really. With art , music and health events as well as matcha lattes also on offer, it will enhance your stay, whether overnight or just popping in during the day. They do know how to make guests feel welcome and go the extra mile to make this clear. And even Bright Bazaar has stayed there, and he knows good style, right?

They say about it:

Eden Locke is a design-led aparthotel for those who want to challenge the status quo, and experience the unique and authentic. Designed for travellers for whom a bed and shower in a shoebox isn’t enough, Eden Locke immerses you in its neighbourhood’s culture through spaces that connect you to a community of like-minded locals and travellers.

We love: the cool mints and millennial pinks, the lighting and brass accessories, the use of rattan and natural materials, the cool vibes.