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Go Dark with | Home shoot

So 2 weeks ago I had a wonderful team from in the house to shoot photography and video as our home was chosen as their "House of the Month". Wait, what!!? I was completely shocked when I got the call and jumped to the opportunity with no questions asked. I love MADE and have featured their products numerous times on this blog. So if they wanted to shoot at our home, I was super keen to let them in!

The whole theme in this shoot was Dark Interiors and how to style them. If you've been snooping around my home for some time you know that I really love a dark-themed room, like my office, dining room and living room. The husband's office was totally painted black (Farrow&Ball Railings) for some time and only recently converted to a lighter version (with a 2016 wallpaper again by Farrow & Ball).

Have you ever wondered what goes one behinds the scenes on a photo shoot? Well, stick around and I will tell you. It's not all pretty, and it can get really tiring, especially if you are the host. The thing is that for a home the size of ours, where all the rooms were expected to be shot, there's lot of tiding up involved. Like 2 DAYS OF TIDING UP to be precise.

So by the time the photographer gets in, you're knackered. Oh, and don't anyone dare make a mess over the next couple days because this is a perfectly tidy home just as you see in the photos. Yeah, right. I gave it exactly 3 days before we'd look like we'd been bombarded.

DAY 1 - Photography