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Green interiors is the latest Instagram trend

While it's the middle of Autumn and the colours around us turn into beautiful orange-reds, you cannot have missed the colour that has been taking over interiors on Instagram - my home is certainly infused with it. I am talking about green. Forest green, emerald green, whatever dark and jewel like hue you go for, it's the colour of the season and will help you get your home through Winter and all the way to Spring.

As I am working on not one but two room makeovers, both of which are infused in green hues, I have to SHOUT that this is the go to colour, not just for the immediate future, but one to invest in long term. I am turning into a green addict! Here's why.

After it headlined as Pantone's colour of the year in 2013 (in its emerald hue), green has had its ups and downs. When it made a come back as Pantone's Colour of the year 2017 in 'Greenery' everyone (myself included) were quick to give it negative attributes... "Too much yellow in it", "too annoying" and so on. Until we finally got it.

And then green was everywhere! From fashion to interiors and everything in between. It lifted our spirits and reignited our love for nature. And with that, botanicals were back on trend. Since then, everywhere we look on Instagram, there's something deliciously green waiting for us!

Some of my favourite accounts on Instagram like hunt.and.scavenge, The Girl with the Green sofa and Pati Robins are big fans of green interiors. Are you following them? You should!

The perfect colour for your everyday home accessories

The thing is, green is the new grey but don't expect to see it on your walls anytime soon (unless you are Seasons in Colour, in which case YOU MIGHT !). Instead, you will find it featured in a number of fabulous homes in the form of homeware including sofas - cushions - throws - armchairs - decorative boxes - vases - art - plants and more!

Here are the ways to incorporate it in your home, the smart way.

Green interiors is the latest Instagram trend table setting in eclectic way with green and brass, Dulux colours like Mallard Green and Palm night, brass planter

Green interiors is the latest Instagram trend cushions layers on a sofa


Not everyone fancies splashing on big furniture from one season to the next. How about keeping your beloved sofa and teaming it up with an emerald green chair? That way you can introduce a bold piece without going too much out of your comfort zone!

To create a cohesive scheme you can then layer your existing sofa with green cushions. Try mixing plain and patterned cushions for best results.

TIP: For extra comfort, add at least 4 cushions on your sofa, 2 plain and 2 patterned. Keep the plain in the back.

Green interiors is the latest Instagram trend and here is a green velvet armchair in mid century style with cushions layers over it

Green Addict Maison du Monde green cushions

Faux plants

Some of the coolest homes I have seen on Instagram have faux plants and flowers (are you following Abigail Ahern?). I get it. We are not all green-fingered. If you want all the style that plants offer, but are a serial plant killer, compromise: get the faux ones in and thank me later.

And while you are at it, stock on some brass planters to put them in. Because green and brass is one good looking combination.

Green addict plant pots in brass with faux greenery

Set the table

If you have been eating off plain white plates for so long, let me tell you: while your cooking won't taste better, your dinner table will look waaaaay hot with some of these products on it. Break the monotony of your lunch and supper with green and brass and feel like you're on holidays all year long.

moodboard for green interiors from maison du Monde with botanical plates and green cutlery

Store in style

It is well known that a tidy home is a happy home, so get everything organised and in its place by using beautiful storage pieces. I used lots of decorative storage boxes in my home office recently and they both looked great and helped me get all my fabric samples in order. So over to you now! What will you store away?

A stack of decorative storage boxes in green colours

Add some Art

If you enjoyed the mini makeover I gave my workspace last month, remember that it was all down to changing the art over my desk. Use botanical prints to create a gallery wall and decorate with brass frames to create little vignettes. Try these similar prints. For consistency, keep the colours or frame/theme the same.

blogger office makeover with green and brass chair and farrow and ball railings on the wall, plus the IKEA billy desk and bookcase

Layer the look

Some times more is good, so layer the room with the right amount of decorative accessories. Remember to choose your products well. Go for pieces that you can reuse in other interior styles and colour combinations. Mix green with brass, black or white. If you are feeling adventurous, try it with pin!

green interior decor inspiration and ideas with cocktail chair and stack of boxes, green velvet curtains

Don't forget to add some fun

Curate your space well, but do not go overboard making the space feel less homely and without character. Add some fun pieces in the scheme to put a smile on your face and that of your guests. Go bananas for ananas and cacti, shop these products here.

a vignette with leafy wallpaper and green decorative accessories

So are you a fan of green in interiors? Have you seen the Maison du Monde latest collection, aptly named Green Addict? Do you have a favourite piece from this collection that you would like to share? Let me know in a comment below! And now get your inspiration from these beautiful interiors!



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