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Green interiors is the latest Instagram trend

While it's the middle of Autumn and the colours around us turn into beautiful orange-reds, you cannot have missed the colour that has been taking over interiors on Instagram - my home is certainly infused with it. I am talking about green. Forest green, emerald green, whatever dark and jewel like hue you go for, it's the colour of the season and will help you get your home through Winter and all the way to Spring.

As I am working on not one but two room makeovers, both of which are infused in green hues, I have to SHOUT that this is the go to colour, not just for the immediate future, but one to invest in long term. I am turning into a green addict! Here's why.

After it headlined as Pantone's colour of the year in 2013 (in its emerald hue), green has had its ups and downs. When it made a come back as Pantone's Colour of the year 2017 in 'Greenery' everyone (myself included) were quick to give it negative attributes... "Too much yellow in it", "too annoying" and so on. Until we finally got it.

And then green was everywhere! From fashion to interiors and everything in between. It lifted our spirits and reignited our love for nature. And with that, botanicals were back on trend. Since then, everywhere we look on Instagram, there's something deliciously green waiting for us!

Some of my favourite accounts on Instagram like hunt.and.scavenge, The Girl with the Green sofa and Pati Robins are big fans of green interiors. Are you following them? You should!