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A guide to General, Accent and Task Lights with Pooky

Pooky ceramic table lamp regular lottie table lamp with a cobalt blue and stone glaze palm wallpaper eclectic

With longer nights ahead of us, it is necessary to have the right light sources around our homes to ensure they are well lit. But what about style, colour and texture? Besides serving a very important function, lights can help bring a scheme together, add character and even fun to a room. That's why it is one of the most important aspects in interior design, one that you really need to think of early in your design process.

Interior design mandates that each room should have 3 types of lighting: General, Task and Accent. Want to know more about them?

"After layout, lighting is the second thing I add to any design, as it is so important", says KLC trained Interior Designer Phoebe Oldrey of Smartstyle Interiors.

"It really is the key to building the right atmosphere in a room", Phoebe goes on. "All my designs cover the 3 main types of lighting: General – that’s your all over lighting; Accent – the fun stuff that picks up features in the room; and Task – lighting that helps you do tasks like reading lights, desk lights or lights on kitchen counter tops".

Task Lights

I remember some time ago, I joined a workshop by interior designer Abigail Ahern (the Queen of Dark Rooms) and heard how a room should have anything between 5 to ten light sources (some of her own rooms have as many as 13!). Not all light sources have to be electricity-ran however. Candles and reflective surfaces also count.

Desk Lights

Task lights can be used on a desk within work spaces but can also be handy over ki