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Straight out of the Savannah - Zambezi by Halsted Design

A few months ago I attended an amazing event run by interiors brand Halsted Design at Grace Belgravia, showcasing the new designs that were due from a collaboration with Cole & Son. Deeply rooted in Africa with an international appeal, Halsted brings together their design experience with Art provided by sister company Ardmore Ceramics. Changing slightly over time to gain more traction with a wider European audience, the brand retains it's African playfulness.

If you remember the very first Halsted Design was this iconic sofa, the Qalakabusha, of which only 42 were ever made, 2 being acquired by Kit Kemp for Ham Yard hotel and the rest finding homes in private residences across the world.

In October 2016 Country and Townhouse did a fantastic featured called "I dream of Africa" which brought Halsted back into the spotlight. It was a concept by Francesca Barrow, Creative Director and CEO of Façonner who came upon Halsted during a Design Week. Francesca thought of this international woman who is wild at heart, like a lion(ess) and designed her photoshoot using Halsted's beautiful wallpapers and fabrics together with other top brands like Hermes (Hermes has also collaborated with Catherine Halsted, more of that below).

Francesca provided her insight on the collaboration between C&T and Halsted, before introducing us further to the Cole & Son Ardmore collection.