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Highland Myths Living Room Decor

Once upon a time there was a fairy only it was not a she, but a he! The Ghillie Dhu, was (or is?!) a male faerie who lived alone deep in the Scottish forests and camouflaged himself from humans, using leaves and moss for clothing.

Unlike the good fairies we've all grown to love, the legends want the Ghillie Dhu having a wild character and punishing those who happen to trespass upon his forest.

The Ghillie Dhu was mainly seen in the latter part of the 18th century. One summer evening a young local child named Jessie Macrae wandered into the woods and became lost. Jessie was found by the Ghillie Dhu who looked after her until the next morning when he took her home. Over a period of four decades the fairy was frequently seen by lots of different people but Jessie was the only person he conversed with*.

If you are wondering whether you are on the right blog, yes, we are still all about interiors but today's post is inspired by Highland Myths, the latest John Lewis Home Edit that hit the stores last week.

Launched in time for Winter, this collection is all about comfort and warmth, getting together with the family and sharing stories (*like the above, from Wiki!). If you can do this covered snugly under a blanket or duvet, then why not?

Texture means comfort

The new collection will inspire you to stay indoors and cozy. Mix up the textiles around your home to add extra warmth in the rooms. While cotton and linen are our favourite fabrics during Spring and Summer, these should now be replaced with wool, mohair, and fleece.

As we head into the colder months, you can layer your sofa with sheepskins and throws. It's an easy way to help you update the look for less. Over at Seasons HQ we love nothing more than woolly throws on our feet (and our feet on the new coffee table, for ultimate comfort but don't tell anyone!).

Colours to choose this season? Green and red; red and white; burgundy. For a sumptuous and cosy lambswool throw, featuring a boucle weave, checked colour-blocked pattern and tasseled edges made from 100% lambswool, try this in burgundy/pink.

The one we have chosen in our living room is the Highland Check 100% Wool Throw.

Living room decor ideas for Christmas. Highland Check 100% Wool Throw over the green EDEN sofa from the Sofa Workshop. Grey rug with cowhide over it.

These cushions (new in) remind us of beautiful National Trust rental homes we have visited in the North (where pheasants were practically EVERYWHERE!). The green and plum combination has us swooning, and don't they both look gorgeous on the green sofa?

Engage the whole family

Have you seen the movie Brave? Yes, the Disney one. It's all about team effort people! Christmas is a stressful time for a lot of us - the kids expectations and the guests arriving, you want everyone to have a great time and manage to run yourself down. Well, it's not worth running into Christmas on fumes, is it? It's really important that you ask everyone to help so that you can also enjoy the festivities.

Make a cuppa of your favourite tea (John Lewis now stock the Prestat loose leaf tea in Winter mix which smells like roses, seriously good!) and light a candle or two. If friends are over for afternoon tea, serve it in style.

We said Highlands

So yes, you don't have to be minimalistic. The edit has some really beautiful products available. Our choice for serving at the best price: the Ruskin House Wood Acorn Tray in Brown/Gold (£18) is big enough to hold your teapot and two cups and it looks good enough to stay on permanent display on your coffee table.

This is a thick wood tray that can also look good with styled candles and glitter pine cones and with its oval shape it can also be displayed on top of large coffee table books.


There's nothing you can do about lighting with the days getting shorter, so why not invest in a few lanterns that you can place around the room for extra ambiance points? If you are afraid of leaving candles lit, try the flameless/ led candles that still give off a flicker effect, without any of the other jazz.

Opt for larger-sized lanterns if you want to bundle candles together or decorate them inside. You can also buy a ready-made pine cone garland, mix it with fairy lights, and use that to decorate a pyramid lantern like we have done here. You can place that on the floor or your side tables.


Decorate every corner in your living room create small vignettes with rustic objects - the Highland Myths edit is not about refined objects after all. And since nature plays such a big part, ceramic hedgehogs, felt robins and feathery owls will all feel like home here.

For the ultimate inspiration, a trip down to your nearest John Lewis store is a must (especially when you cannot find what you are looking for online - most stores seem to have items in stock from this Edit)

Who will enjoy this look?

Because there are both gold/brass and rustic wooden accessories in this Edit, everyone can pick accent pieces from it, no matter your style. We would love to see owners of smart B&Bs accessorising living rooms and bedrooms with some of the key pieces below, to give guests a memorable stay.

Let birds with fabulous feathers adorn your Christmas tree, while owls and foxes can perch quietly on branches or windowsills/the mantlepiece. You can even invite the bears in from the cold.

Best for value from the edit: the copper bauble garland - at 180cm it is long enough and it full of product (£35). Place this over your mantlepiece, or on your dinner table, layering with candle lights and vases.




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