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How to enjoy your garden all year round

People having a barbeque around an indian fire bowl in their garden, with moroccan outdoors lanterns and indian pouffes, chindi chair

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer we find ourselves spending more and more time in our homes, sheltered away from the cold outside. This is a shame really, as autumn and winter are arguably the prettiest of seasons. Delicately decorating our lawns with bright white frost and turning our trees from dark green to warm orange, this time of year brings with it cosy, romantic, special evenings. However, if we barricade ourselves inside then we sadly miss what these fantastic seasons have to offer.

Well, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. We are going to show you how the right Indian fire bowl and garden decor can turn your dark garden into a warm winter wonderland and share our tips to help you make your garden as cosy as your living room and how to stay warm throughout autumn and winter.

Warm up with an Indian fire bowl

First things first, being warm outdoors is the most important thing to get right. Without warmth you can’t get cosy and therefore won’t enjoy being outside at all. Some people may look to outdoor heaters to keep warm but they can be large and often ugly.

With an Indian fire bowl you not only get incredible heat but also a truly beautiful garden feature that people will want to be around. Nothing beats being huddled around a fire at night, tucked under a blanket.

The dazzling, warm flames provide a beautiful sight and perfectly set the mood for a cosy, snug winters evening. It has the ability to be both a bold cen