How to enjoy your garden all year round

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer we find ourselves spending more and more time in our homes, sheltered away from the cold outside. This is a shame really, as autumn and winter are arguably the prettiest of seasons. Delicately decorating our lawns with bright white frost and turning our trees from dark green to warm orange, this time of year brings with it cosy, romantic, special evenings. However, if we barricade ourselves inside then we sadly miss what these fantastic seasons have to offer.

Well, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. We are going to show you how the right Indian fire bowl and garden decor can turn your dark garden into a warm winter wonderland and share our tips to help you make your garden as cosy as your living room and how to stay warm throughout autumn and winter.

Warm up with an Indian fire bowl

First things first, being warm outdoors is the most important thing to get right. Without warmth you can’t get cosy and therefore won’t enjoy being outside at all. Some people may look to outdoor heaters to keep warm but they can be large and often ugly.

With an Indian fire bowl you not only get incredible heat but also a truly beautiful garden feature that people will want to be around. Nothing beats being huddled around a fire at night, tucked under a blanket.

The dazzling, warm flames provide a beautiful sight and perfectly set the mood for a cosy, snug winters evening. It has the ability to be both a bold centre piece and a subtle heater. Bring your blankets, bring your drinks and enjoy a relaxing evening around the fire.

Light up the dark

The right garden lighting can completely change the look and mood of a garden. You may have trees and bushes that you think don’t look great in the day, but light those up with fairy lights and lanterns and you will be amazed at how beautiful they will look. You can turn what was once a dull, shapeless tree into something magical.

A dangling Moroccan lantern can pave the way to your fire bowl and set a wonderfully romantic feel to the night. Or perhaps you would prefer to go a little more retro? Opt for a vintage handcrafted lantern, perfect for any party or night around the fire.

Warm up with the right food

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean we can’t eat summer food anymore. Fire up the grill and get those burgers and sausages going all year round. Don’t let the cold air stop you by using a fire bowl to not only cook but to also keep everyone nice and warm.

BBQ food will always go down well at a party, but if you are having a cosy night in with your family or loved one then maybe try something a little different. Fire bowls are the perfect way to make mouth-watering curries, chillies and paella dishes, all of which are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Food can evoke the senses and bring up emotions, all of which can help you feel cosy and warm outside.

Make sure it’s comfortable

Comfort is key, but you don’t have to compromise on style when looking at comfortable seating. There will always be something very homey about a soft, comfortable seat, able to take away the stress of a long day at work whilst also providing a stylish feature for your home.

Long gone are the days of plastic, uncomfortable outdoor seating. This year add an extra touch of comfort and class with some beautifully made seating options. Opt for comfortable pouffes with retro designs or hand woven Indian Chindi chairs, perfect for relaxing around the fire bowl. Seamlessly add bohemian charm to any garden (pLus pouffes are always a hit with both children and adults - but make sure the patio is dry before getting these out!).

Get the kids involved

Getting the whole family outside to enjoy the fresh air instantly makes any garden and home much more appealing and cosy. Ensuring everywhere is safe and well lit of course, the children will love playing outside in the evening and warming up by the fire.

One of the best ways to get them involved and keep them entertained is by letting them toast marshmallows on the fire bowl (under supervision). They will love making their own treats and so will you, as toasted marshmallows are too good to just be eaten by kids.

Warm up with the right drink

Making your garden extra cosy this autumn & winter isn’t always about what to have in it, what you drink out there can actually help with this too. In the same way that food does, drinks can also have a profound effect on the way we feel, see a room or area.

Bring the cosy warmth outside by making hot chocolate or mulled wine over an Indian fire bowl. There are some fantastic free online recipes for these kinds of drinks which will impress both friends and family.

Location, location, location

To create a truly wonderful winter wonderland this year then it’s important to find the right place for everything. For example, if you own a fire bowl then you may wish to think about whether you want this to be the focal point, a warm spot for everyone to sit around, or perhaps more in the background where it’s ready for cooking on.

Either way, choose an area in which there is protection from the wind, especially if you are burning wood as the burning embers can get blown out of the fire. Also think about where best to light with lanterns and lights. Creating a border with lighting not only creates a safe place to stay in but also makes the entire area look extremely inviting.

Quick tips:

  • Find the best and safest place for your fire bowl.

  • Try not to clutter your garden, keep it simple and relaxing.

  • Check websites for design tips and ideas, such as Pinterest. Find a style and stick with it.

  • Use warm lighting to add a cosy feel.

  • Create a well lit border and path.

  • Never underestimate the power that food and drink can have.

  • Don’t be afraid to overdo it on the cushions and comfy seats.

We hope that this might have inspired you to brave the infamous British cold seasons and make the most out of their unique beauty. Be it autumn or winter, you can be just as warm and cosy outside in the garden as you can be inside in your living room. Just remember to gather around the fire on some comfy seats and indulge in some delicious food and drink.


Based in London,  United Kingdom,  Jenny Kakoudakis is the founder, 

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