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How to make a room feel BIGGER

Are you looking to create more space in the home? It can be difficult when you do not have much space to move around and your rooms feel chaotic and cramped, but there are a few clever interior design tricks that you can use to maximise space and make even the smallest of rooms feel much bigger and brighter. Here are a few of the best ways that you can achieve this in your home.

This is a collaborative post with Hammonds, the fitted Furniture Company. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes, you will find that simply rearranging the fixtures in a room can make a huge difference in terms of space and make the room more comfortable. This is a great option because you do not have to spend any money, it is easy to do and it can make such a big difference. Be realistic about how much you can cramp into any space; smart furniture can fold away when not used and even stacked on the wall.

Additionally, consider donating items you no longer use to free up more space. In the plan below, there's seating for 6+ at any given time. Do you need so much furniture in the room? You could move the two accent chairs to the sides of the fireplace and move the love seat to where the accent chairs used to be. This will free up space as you enter the room, instantly making it feel larger. The recliner can be at an angle next to the couch where the love seat used to be. Depending on their height, one of the accent or sofa table can be removed from the room altogether.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Another good solution is to invest in multi-use pieces of furniture.

For example, an ottoman bench can be an extra seating space with additional storage space or work as a coffee table with a large tray on top. Such multi functional pieces reduce the number of furniture in a room, giving you more space to work with. Using a floor lamp with integrated shelves means there's no need for a bulky bookcase close by. Furniture is designed to solve many problems and so get your inspiration from this article showcasing the best multi-use products for small spaces.

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Fitted Furniture

If you are trying to free up space in a room with odd proportions fitted furniture is your best friend. It can help you to make the most out of available space and significantly improve the way that the room looks. Fitted wardrobes from places like Hammonds can help to create a stylish and practical bedroom and provide you with all the space that you need to keep your clothes organised.

Storage Solutions

Leading on from this, you can also free up space with smart storage solutions so that you can reduce clutter, keep the room clear and free up space. Rooms feel much smaller and more chaotic when there is clutter everywhere, but when you have places to neatly tuck everything away it will improve both the look and feel of the room.

Fitted furniture can help you utilise 'dead space' around the room, no matter how awkward the shape and size of the room. We also love the idea of no-door storage, which is perfect for rooms where there's just not enough space for a door to open.

Image Credit: Hammonds

Image Credit: Hammonds

Use Light Colours & Mirrors

One of the best tricks in interior design is to use light colours on the walls as this will help to make the pace look bigger, brighter and airier. Additionally, placing mirrors in a room can also make the space to look and feel bigger because of the reflection and the increase in natural light that you will benefit from.

Image Credit: Hammonds

Image Credit: James Lindsay, Unsplash

It may seem impossible to create space when you have small rooms, but there are always solutions available which can free up space and make the room feel much bigger, brighter and more welcoming. These creative solutions can make a big difference throughout the home and could help to change the way that you feel when you return home each day.



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