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How to make your pantry look irresistibly cool

Too much time indoors led me to understand one thing: that no matter how much time I spend organising my pantry, it will always look messy. The cluster of cereal boxes that come in all heights possible create a cacophony of colours, often hiding other boxes and cans behind them. As for the spices: never where I left them (which explains why I have 3 jars of cinnamon). It's chaos in the cabinet, no matter how much time and effort I put into it.

So this month, I am finally putting the time and effort in properly organising the pantry into something out of the pages of a magazine! And these, in my view are the 3 steps to getting your pantry looking irresistibly cool without spending a fortune to revamp it!


1/ Be consistent in the colour/ style of your container boxes and jars

This is like colour co-ordinating your wardrobe. Choose one style of storage containers and stick to it, but play around with the sizes. So if you want to use baskets, do that, but stick to one colour and get them in a couple of sizes.

Otherwise, go for jars and consider colour co-ordinating their content; for example keep milk powder, sugar and flour together, corn and corn flakes on another side.

I love the IKEA 365 range - their rectangular food containers are totally stackable and can easily also go into your fridge when storing fresh food and into the microwave.

Shopping list for this idea


2/ Use custom made labels for your jars

These good looking jar labels can help you identify products easily but also create a beautiful consistency, especially when used on similar type glass jars with wooden lids.

Shop the look


3/ Curate what's on display

The goal is to have a consistent look through texture (go all plastic or go all glass), colour, height. Go for a colour palette that feels very easy on the eye like earthy colours (terracotta, brown, white, black) which work well together. Then curate everything on display. Here are some of my favourite looks.

Image credit above: Thomas Loof

Below: a gorgeous narrow walk-in pantry by Simplicity in the South



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