How to style up your home to get it ready to sell

There are three properties on sale in my neighbourhood and one in particularly has been sitting there for quite some time. It's a lovely home, but having seen photos of the rooms online (I was curious, what can I say!) and walking my dog outside every day, I know what's wrong with it: This house is not in selling order. Rooms are too personalised with bold colours and patterns and every room is filled to the brim with stuff. Potential buyers will not be able to visualise this property as their own during their short visit.

Before we bought our current property in leafy Surrey, I swear I had seen every property that was on the market (£50k below and above our budget) within CR8 and CR6. Having already another property in Fulham that we were not going to sell, we didn't have the burning desire to buy that you get with your first ever home. So we took our sweet time.

Seeing some 100 properties over 2-3 years with various agents and following up on how the relevant houses did afterwards (Did they sell quickly? Did they achieve their asking price? Where they taken off the market?) I realised that homes that sold (or rented) quickly were the ones whose owners had invested time (and a little bit of cash) in "staging" their property, to help potential buyers see the most of it.

One person who understands the intricacies of the real estate market and can give no nonsense advice is of course property guru Sarah Beeny, owner of online estate agent Tepilo. I am really honoured to have her on the blog today, sharing her top tips for getting one step closer to a quick house sale. If you are currently looking to sell or let your property, pay close attention!

If you have any top tips for getting more viewers through the door, share them in a comment! What has worked for you as a seller or buyer?

How to style up your home

to get it ready to sell!

by Sarah Beeny, owner of online estate agent Tepilo

Photo credits: Jenny Kakoudakis, Seasons in Colour

When you decide to sell your home, there’s so much to think about that making it look its absolute best often can often get overlooked. However, first impressions are key to a sale and by improving your interiors and exteriors ahead of putting your home on the market, you’ll get more viewings and really maximise its value. In the build up to the property market’s busiest period, here are my top tips on how to style your property ahead of selling it.

1/ Get the decorators in (or do it yourself!)

Newly painted rooms can really transform a house, so give any tired looking rooms a fresh lick of paint and don’t be afraid to be bold. Neutral, light colours work well in small, dark rooms, but you can be more daring and playful in larger, lighter ones.

Dark greys, deep blues and moody greens are all huge at the moment, so use them to create a striking statement wall – chimney breasts look great in the darker Farrow and Ball colours and will really add an element of luxury to a room that buyers will love. Buy a couple of home interior magazines to get some inspiration and then let your imagination run wild.

2/ Dress your windows well

Curtains and blinds can really make or break a room, so look at each of your windows in turn and ask yourself honestly if the blinds and curtains work well and make the most of the window and room itself. Windows should let in as much light as possible, so getting rid of blinds, or giving them a good clean, can make a room look brighter and larger, which is what all buyers want.

And if you want to make a feature of a certain window, invest in some high quality, statement curtains that really bring it to life and show it off to its true potential. These little touches really make a difference and can create a stunning centrepiece.

3/ Make the most of natural light

No one wants to live in a gloomy, stuffy house, so making the most of the natural light that streams into your property at this time of year is important. Along with making sure you’ve dressed your windows well (as above), you can also strategically place mirrors in places that will reflect sunlight to make a room seem even brighter. And by painting darker rooms in light, neutral shades you’ll also make them feel much lighter.

Give all your windows a really good clean too and open them ahead of any viewings to let fresh air and light stream in.

4/ Give your kitchen and bathroom(s) lots of TLC

Kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a sale, so make sure yours look their best before you put your home up for sale. In the kitchen, rather than buy new units you can transform tired looking doors with specialist paint, and replace worn worktops and flooring to create a brand new looking kitchen for under £500.

In the bathroom, make sure your tiles are sparkling (bleach that grout!) and replace any broken ones. A new shower curtain and bright bathroom accessories will also bring it up-to- date, and replacing taps in both rooms will help create a more modern, polished look. In kitchens and bathrooms, I’d always recommend going neutral, so think bright whites, creams and light greys, and then use brighter accessories to add a splash of colour.

5/ Create the dream

People buy into certain lifestyles, and perfect summer living is one of them. Everyone wants to see how they could enjoy long summer’s days at home, so help them do just that! If you’ve got French doors leading out to the garden, make a feature of them – frame them with stylish curtains and make sure they’re sparkling clean.

And turn your garden or yard into the ultimate summertime oasis with colourful garden furniture, a barbeque, outdoor fairy lights and funky potted plants. Buyers will be able to imagine themselves enjoying the space and be more inclined to buy.

6/ Declutter and clean

My final piece of advice is simple, but vital! A clean, uncluttered house is so much more attractive to buyers than an untidy, dirty one, and by taking to time to make yours spotless, you will really increase your chances of a sale.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, then hire a cleaning company to give it a one-off deep clean and you’ll reap the benefits when viewings begin. And just ahead of viewings treat yourself to some beautiful flowers and place them in gorgeous vases throughout your home.


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