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How to transform a new build property into a family home

Thanks to a wave of higher standards being introduced for new builds, it seems they are now in demand among potential homeowners.

You often get much more space for your money with a new build property and the ability to decorate how you see fit. Contemporary properties also tend to be fitted with state-of-the-art appliances, helping you to save money on your bills.

If your brand new property is to be your family’s forever home, you may be wondering how you can make it feel homely, since these are often handed over to you in a blank state. Fear not, here are some simple ways to transform your new build into the perfect family home.


Personalised designs

What better way to turn a property into a family home than to personalise each family member’s space? We’re talking elements like custom paint colours, wall decals, and artwork that align with each preference.

When it comes to decorating the kids’ bedrooms, try to include them in the process as much as possible but don’t give them full control – you may live to regret it!

One great idea is to hang a sign with your child’s name on their door so everyone is aware of who the room belongs to or to add easy-peel wall stickers to create a theme without breaking the bank o making a permanent change.

If the children are going to be sharing a room, consider adding a divider and decorating each side of the room how they want. Remember to keep things simple though, the less you add, the more space they have to play and be creative.

Create functional zones

You don’t want the kids stuck in their bedrooms all the time, so try to design some zones which they can use for different activities.

New builds often have open-floor layouts, so use this to your advantage. One great idea is to use space under the stairs to build a cosy reading nook, or you could even designate a corner of one room to be a play area.

You also can’t forget about yourself. If you have the luxury of working from home at least part-time, you need to create a relaxing and productive work space for yourself. Whether you design your home office in the spare room or another area in the house, try to maintain a divide between this and the play areas so each family member has their own dedicated space.

Family-centric dining

The kitchen and dining areas are central to family life, enabling you, your partner, and the children to catch up after a long day apart. Invest in a dining table that allows everyone to eat together and purchase some durable appliances.

If you opt for an open kitchen that extends into the living room, you can keep an eye out on the children while you cook, and can even get them to help.

If you’re fortunate to have an outdoor space or garden, consider transforming it into a space where you can partake in some al fresco dining – who doesn’t love a barbeque when the weather permits it? You can then engage in some outdoor activities and take time out for some much-needed family bonding.



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