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Kitchen makeover in 2020? Here are the appliances and gadgets that should be on your wish list.

There are two rooms that really sell houses according to Forbes: these are the kitchen and the bathroom(s). Old fashion arrangements can scare away potential buyers and make YOU fall out of love with your own home. With a kitchen makeover, you have the opportunity to really put your stamp on the heart of the house, and add some serious value to your property. If you have something like that planned for 2020 then you need to do it right and bring the latest appliances in.

Kitchen makeovers cost. But you get a pay back.

A well appointed kitchen with up to date decor is always a winner. If you are looking to increase the value of your home substantially and are in no hurry to sell, updating the kitchen before you put the house on the market is a really smart move. As a developer, you will want to install appliances that will help you market your home better.

Where you cannot afford to go for a full remodel and have no plans to move, you can repaint cabinets and change the hardware (these Buster & Punch are currently trending). Still, you will want to make sure you choose products that will last long, and with technology features to make sure they still seem relevant in 5 years time.

This blog post will cover:

  • Internet of Things - smart appliances

  • Wireless connected hoods

  • Less Noisy Hoods

  • Steam Ovens

  • Combi Ovens

  • Food Waster Disposers - keeping waste away from the landfill

  • Integrated Worktop phone chargers