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Lighting Guide - How to choose the perfect lamp with Vita Copenhagen

I recall the time I joined an Abigail Ahern interiors workshop and the designer talked us through the number of light sources that you can find around her living room: 13! Everything counts though: from lamps to pendant lights to candles and even metallic surfaces that help bounce light around the room.

Light is so crucial for a great design to be achieved and is so easy to get right if you know how to choose the correct lamps depending on the function and mood you want to set in a room. Today I have some amazing tips from Soren Ravn Christensen from lighting brand VITA Copenhagen. Soren is a co-founder and the developer of the VITA concept so he really knows what he's talking about. Take notes!

Decorate a room with multiple lights

Lighting can be used in multiple ways to change or to enhance the look and feel of a space. A perfect ambience would, most of the times, require using and balancing several light sources at different levels that blend together. A well-lit space will have different types of lighting ranging from general to task oriented, without omitting the accent or decorative lights.

Whenever you choose light sources for a room, you need to consider the purpose of the lamp, the size of the room, the mood you want to set and the look you want to create. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of light fixtures to create the perfect balance.

Above (L to R): Used on a pendant bulb or tripod, the VITA Shade will help you adjust the direction and amount of light (Eur49); IDEA 3W 125 MM smart LED A+ lightbulb that pays tribute to the beautiful and simple design of the original Thomas Edison lightbulb (Eur24.95); Offering a lively gradient-effect glow, the VITA Alva will fit in a wide range of interior Òdecors, from an eclectic living room or kitchen, to a modern bedroom or bathroom (Eur49).

Make a statement through your lights

A central, stunning pendant lamp is a key element to any interior design. Just like a piece of jewellery, it can create a powerful design statement. Consider style, shape, size and colour when choosing the centrepiece light in a room, that special lamp that draws attention and admiration.

Above (L to R): The VITA Eos is made from all natural goose feathers, making all the Eos shades natural and one of a kind. Eos gives a soft light and it has a beautiful mesmerizing elegance, even when not illuminated. Eos is available in five sizes so it compliments every room. X-Large (Eur399), Large (Eur249), Medium (Eur119).

Let the light set the mood of the room

Not only the design of the lamp, but also the light it offers can create a different mood, from a cosy and relaxed ambience to a lively and bright one. Choose the lampshades and their placement in relation to the amount of light they offer.

Try to create a welcoming atmosphere, without the light shining directly into your eyes. Use warm and glare-free lights for spaces closer to the eyes, just like the VITA Silvia lamp. Because the light bulb isn’t visible from any angle, this lampshade is perfect for any height and any place in a home, either as a pendant, a floor lamp or a table lamp.

Be creative and play with your lights

Pendants lamps displayed in clusters or straight lines are increasingly popular, as they add a distinctive playful touch to any environment. Experiment with small lamps – they are perfect individually for smaller areas, and they add an impressive decorative touch when used in groups.

Add an edge to your setting by using chic lamps with a twist – the VITA Clava lamp, a small and stylish lamp perfect for clusters, has small holes around the curvy vertical sides, making the light came to life and creating a dancing pattern

Bring a cosy feeling to your dinner table

Combine design with functionality and make from your dining table a centrepiece by hanging above it either a big lampshade as a focal point, or a straight line of chic lamps. Choose lamps that will create a memorable dinner experience and a feeling of home and happiness.

With its exclusive and elegant look, Clava Dine is a stunning yet discreet VITA lampshade that frames the dining table and invites you in for a peaceful or lively night with friends and family. The symmetric holes around the lampshade gently diffuse a cosy ambient light, while also adding a directional downward light.



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