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Living Room decor to swoon your guests

Without a doubt, Christmas has always been the time of the year that our home sees an influx of guests, both friends and family. It is lit up beautifully with festive lights and candles, mulled wine and mince pies fill the air with the smell of sweet spices and we're all generally filling uplift. With everyone's eyes on your home decor, how do you make sure it's impactful and makes a lasting impression?

Your furniture choices are at the heart of your design scheme and can influence many of your other decisions on decorations, accessories, even the style of your tree.

Go bespoke

If your room has an awkward shape, the door is in the wrong place to make standard furniture work or you need to consider existing large or antique/ vintage pieces, then have your furniture made bespoke, in both size and colour. This will ensure that your scheme is consistent throughout and that all space is used efficiently.

Bespoke furniture may take longer to prepare and deliver and may invariably cost more, but in the long run will pay for itself provided you choose your supplier carefully. Make sure you give correct measurements and always, ALWAYS, check that your new furniture can fit through narrow doors before placing an order!

if you are thinking of something unique for your space why not try discount bar furniture to make a focal point in your room?

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Charming and luxurious, the glamorous Oscar range from the Sofa & Chair Company (above) includes a loveseat, chair and bar stool; all designed to make an impact. Chic curves and a deep buttoned back are the hallmarks of these pieces, with an optional swivel plinth and sumptuous layers of padding as standard.