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My 5-step New Bohemian Garden

Call me a bit nostalgic but I love the relaxed vibe that bohemian homes offer. Our homes are often too preppy and formal, hardly the place to relax after a long day. Thinking about bohemian decor, I find it fun and inviting. The combination of warm colours - terracotta reds, dusty pinks, yellows and lots of green just makes me want to open up and for some reason, reminds me of holidays.

But boho homes are so 70s, you may say. Well, yes, and no. If you work the Bohemian trend the right way you can really get away with a few extra Moroccan cushions and saturated colours. But here's a place we often neglect when it comes to styling and which I wanted to turn into a little bohemian oasis this week. Drumroll please...

While we lived in a flat until 2011, I had often dreamt of owning a garden and turning it in a jewelled coloured sanctuary, just like those beautiful enclosed gardens you can find in many homes in Morocco. Our current home had extensive landscaping work on its garden a decade ago, by the previous owners (thank you, thank you, thank you). It was the selling point really when we saw it, with its tall green natural fence that surrounded the back of the house. So the moment the weather feels dry, we move everything outdoors (and keep warm with an outdoor heater and our little chiminea!).

This was the first weekend we did it. Armed with those Moroccan cushions I was talking about, I moved one of our oriental rugs in the garden and quicklyturned it into the magic carpet that would take us all far away. It was a strictly, "shoes off" event. So welcome to...

My 5-Step New Bohemian Garden

(and scroll to the end for an exclusive 5 Question interview with Philippa Prinsloo,

Head of Design, Home at John Lewis)