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Neptune Home - the interiors and lifestyle store

One of the companies that keeps surprising me (always in a good way) is Neptune. I no longer can recall how Neptune started off. Was it just furniture? Kitchens? But they sure have come a long way, always branching off to a new direction that can help home owners make the most of their interiors. With lifestyle and decor products (paints and fabrics) added every week on their fabulous looking website, Neptune Home are a firm favourite for Seasons in Colour, even if their colour palette tends to be quite restricted (and there is nothing wrong with that). Here are a few pieces that caught my eye on their website this month.

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Lucien Linen Natural Napkins, Set of 6, £32. Lucien was designed because Neptune felt that they needed something just a bit more natural and edgy than the other linens in their collection. With a washed-linen feel, and dark navy, slightly fuzzy, overstitching on the border, it has a rustic character that’s kept contemporary by its unbleached colour. You’ll find that, with use, it’ll age gently, but this only makes it softer and gives it a lived-with appearance that we just love.

Carter metal frame Mirror, from £290. The Carter mirror’s pared-back metal design is Neptune's interpretation of industrial style, but in a way that’s refined and timeless. The slim steel frame is powder coated and then baked, as an ode to the traditional process of quenching, and finished off with an inset mirror. Available in three sizes

Neptune also added a French cleat fixing should you want to attach it to the wall. This makes positioning the Carter so much easier, distributes its weight evenly so you can be sure it’s secure, and creates a snug fit with the wall. That said, we also love it simply propped on top of a dressing table.

Shaftesbury Glass Lampstand by Neptune on a small bedside table and next to a linen headboard bed with pink throw and a muted colour palette

Shaftesbury Glass Lampstand by Neptune on a small bedside table and next to a linen headboard bed with pink throw and a muted colour palette

Shaftesbury Glass Lampstand by Neptune on a small bedside table and next to a linen headboard bed with pink throw and a muted colour palette

Shaftesbury Glass Lamp stand, Small, £115. The hand-blown Shaftesbury glass lamp stand brings another texture but not another colour into the room, making it incredibly easy and versatile to use. Although its shape and size are quite bold, its transparency helps it to melt into the background and feels bright and fresh.

Garrick Chandelier. The Garrick chandelier has a lovely story behind its creation. The oak leaves that twist around its branches and up its main stem and chain were collected one autumn by one of Neptune's designers during a walk through Batsford Arboretum in the Cotswolds.

Each beautifully veined leaf has been curled and carefully placed along the twelve branches (six of which hold bulbs, six of which are decorative) that extend out from a central acorn, to form a light that pays homage to our most-loved tree. Its impressive size makes it well-suited to lofty spaces such as barns or rooms with tall ceilings.

Scatter cushions in rust colours. Try the Camilla scatter cushions which are made from two fabrics: one on each face so you can turn them around when you’re ready for a change. Their edges are piped in the most dominant (or unpatterned) fabric, which has the effect of framing the other side. Rust and terracotta are definitely the hottest colour this season.

Rosemary & Thyme bath and body collection - If you’re anything like us, you’ll care as much about what sits by your sink as the sink itself. Neptune created a bath and body collection that looks as good as it smells. A light, herbal scent with a hint of citrus sweetness and a subtle, mossy base Paraben-free, dermatologically-tested and not tested on animals. Perfect. from £12.

I saw the Corinium Tall Pot (£230) and instantly though WOW. This pot (or vase!) makes such a statement but definitely needs space to shine! This is a rustic decorative vase with an earthy character thanks to its antiquing and crackle glaze. An item with a real sense of scale that can be the perfect focal point of any interior theme. Useful and interesting, it brings a sense of wholesomeness to your decorative items. Use to add layers, contrast and texture.

Winsford Tea Plates, set of 4, £32. The Winsford tea collection celebrates the Britishness of classic afternoon tea. Crafted from porcelain, it’s then glazed and intricately detailed in our seasonal Sage shade and works particularly well against a crisp white tablecloth. Each piece from tea-mug to sugar pot is delicate in shape and lovely and light to hold, bringing a pretty moment to your everyday.

And lastly some throws to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Throws are perfect partners for cosy winter evenings or for curling up under on a rainy afternoon. Chunky and snug, choose a cable knit one with heavy weave like the one shown above.



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