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Palm Spring Interiors with Maria Barros

The moment the sun was out, everyone's spirits lifted and we all started thinking about long haul trips somewhere exotic. I thought about Miami, Palm Springs and the Florida Keys. It was a beautiful trip in my head, visiting places brimming with pink and blue and yellow that had a 60s vibe still about them. My mind run to Slim Aarons photos, palm trees, 'greenery' green lawns and turquoise blue swimming pools. I turned to the interiors magazines and although I had July's issue in my hands, colour was not in abundance.

Why is it that we don't infuse our homes with a bit of the Palm Springs glam here in the UK? Is it the light which is never warm that is not inspiring us? Would the pinks and greens look alien under our sky? If that does not deter you (go on, be a rebel!) have a look at the extraordinary beautiful Palm Beach-like interiors of Portuguese Interior Designer Maria Barros, whose distinct uplifting style can transfer you across the pond to Florida in the 1960s.


Maria Barros loves colour. Her schemes tend to start with a bright white base (the walls or the floor) which she slowly builds up with pops of colour. The room below, which has cool blue hues, is a perfect example of her styling method.

Blue grasscloth wallpaper white round mirror, Palm Beach decor, ceramic stools and flowers in vase, Maria Barros styling