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Radiators - bathroom trends 2019

With the temperature falling by the day, it's finally time to turn the heating on. I don't know about you, but until the time came to renovate our bathroom, I didn't have a clue about heating. I didn't know what BTU stood for (although I knew it kind of measured heat output?) but knew that the more of it, the warmer your room (and the higher your energy bill); and that underfloor heating was quite expensive. Heating can be seriously overlooked in a home design but imagine how many times you have looked at an old radiator and thought "Oh God, I so want to change it".

Let's agree on one thing: just because that old radiator was there when you moved in, and still happens to work properly - even though it's an eyesore - doesn't mean it needs to stay there forever. If you are designing your home or giving a room a makeover (check our bathroom renovation here), choosing the right radiator can make a whole difference to how the room looks and feels. And you can always donate any unwanted but fully working radiator!

The cost of adding a new radiator

There are two common options for heating a room other than with a fireplace. The first one is to install a radiator. The second to install underfloor heating.

With a radiator you need to think about the aesthetics: some radiators simply look awful when you have pipes protruding from the floor. To get the pipes into the wall may cost you a little more but the result will be far batter.

Besides the radiator cost itself (they start around £90), you need to consider these hidden costs:

  • moving the pipework to the right place (especially is you are changing the size; this affects where the valves will connect the radiator to the central heating water pipes);

  • installing an electric heating element to make this a dual fuel radiator. You should consider this, so that you can turn on your radiator in the summer months to heat up your towels when central heating is off. These elements cost around £80-90 but also add the cost of the hardwiring, which is usually £60-100 and needs to be done while your floor/walls are still 'open'. It will not be possible if this is on external wall and you have tiled already.