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How to style a bedroom that is painted grey

Imagine having to renovate your ensuite bathroom. That's not a one day job surely! Sounds more like a 10-15 day job to me (or at least that's the plan but who knows). Whatever the timeframe, we're planning to start at some point soon(ish) and that means sleeping in the master bedroom while works take place is going to be problematic. Think about all the dust! Solution: move to the guest bedroom for a staycation until the work is complete. Job done!

But the guest bedroom is there to serve a very specific purpose right now: a (very) temporary solution to accommodate friends and relatives that visit occasionally. Not much thought (or love) has gone into it and I am sad to say, it has no character. It feels a bit sterile in a sense. If I am going to spend the better part of 10-15 day in it, I would need to jazz it up a little.

My moodboard for this makeover started pretty simple and was dictated by the colours available already in the room: Moles Breath, a warm grey by Farrow and Ball on the wall; complemented by grey roman blinds. On the floor the classic Stockholm rug in black and white stripes by IKEA. And most importantly, the bed: a classic cream metal frame with brass details (similar here). So grey is currently the main colour in the room and the one I would need to work around. What goes well with grey?

Ochre is the first thing that comes to mind. It's such a classic combo and one I have loved for some time. With this in mind I added a large pendant shade in this colour which as you can tell contrasted beautifully against the grey wall. White also looks more crisp against dark walls so the cream bed frame was really suited here.

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

Adding character to a room goes beyond adding a lick of paint on the wall. For me, it is about the little details, items that give away a little of your personality like art and decorative objects that can be serious or fun, as long as they are inspired by your own style. Both my husband and I are collectors: we mostly like to collect art, so art will always need to be part of a room setting.

Decorative objects that have a bit of character in themselves. Where can you get these? Little antique shops, independent interiors stores and thrifty shops can all help you find some real gems and inspire your scheme. One one such visit I managed to source not one, but a collection of 7 ceiling roses. I am not sure they are vintage or new, but they were rather well priced - I thought (£80). They also came ready to hang on the wall which was a plus!

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

There is plenty of storage in the room already (one I am planning to at some point paint in a most delicious dark colour! For now it stays cream...) but nothing close to the bed. With both of us having iPads and phones to drop next to us when we go to sleep, having some sort of side table was a must.

Visiting a thrifty shop in Reigate the other day I managed to scoop this IKEA, ladder style, slim bookcase for a fiver, an absolute bargain, and it fitted in the car too. This is a great starting point in styling the room as it offers both extra storage space and a layering effect.

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

The second colour I used around the room was green. Green works so well with grey as it gives it a contemporary edge. How many green references can you spot around the room? I also love working strong colours, like green, with geometrics - in this case the stripey carpet.

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

How to work the grey trend in bedroom

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

Style your bookcase or shelves like a Pro

You can style shelves like a pro with these simple rules.

  1. 1. Curate a small collection of your favourite books. They don't have to 'look' pretty together, these are the ones that you read often and want to have by your side. If you notice, I intentionally placed these at the bottom of my bookcase, because of their weight and also it is easier to reach them when I am already tucked in.

  2. Add some green goodness: plants (succulents, cacti or fresh flowers if you are good at changing the water often!) in beautiful vases or pots. My finds here included small succulents from our local farm because, I have to admit, I am not great at keeping indoor plants alive but these have been great so far. Vintage ceramic vessels can work both as plant pots or to keep small things in them like jewellery.

  3. Tall accents are always a good way to 'layer' a bookcase, credenza or shelf. They keep things interesting visually. I have used green as a secondary colour in my scheme (more of that below) and a floral pattern. To create a nice flow, note a mix of botanical inspired objects: a small cactus candle and the brass effect palm tree (which is a jewellery holder).

  4. Candles are something I always like to keep by. They smell wonderful and can relax you in no time!

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath

5. Finally add something interesting; and

6. Something sparkly. My watering can is both. But I also have more shiny surfaces: on the brass plant pot and the trinket box. Shiny surfaces are important here as the help bounce the light around. The small side table (also quirky, look at the legs!!) add some glam to the space. Now save this little infographic below for reference!

How to work the grey trend in bedroom Farrow and Ball Moles Breath How to style shelves

So what did you think? Have you visited a second hand shop recently and found an absolute bargain that you would like to share? Do you have beloved plants in your bedroom? Then come over on Twitter and Instagram, follow me and @BensonsForBeds (Twiiter) @bensonsforbedshq (on Instagram) and share photos of your bedroom style or bedroom plants with the hashtags #sleepinstyle or #urbanjungle . I would love to see what you come up with!

This post is a collaboration with Bensons for Beds but all views are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help me provide you with fresh content! You can find more about Bensons and their latest products and offers here.

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