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Smart storage solutions for small bathrooms

If you watched the renovation of our bathrooms in 2018, you will know firsthand how much I pondered over finding the right storage solutions as both our ensuite and the family bathrooms are literally tiny (the family one even smaller than the ensuite).

One thing I don't get with big homes is how on earth it makes sense to add more bedrooms (which do not end up being used) and have smaller bathrooms. If any developer out there is listening: families rarely have 3 kids let alone 4, so please turn your 5-bed homes into 4-beds and give people good-sized bathrooms!

One of the reasons we set out to give our baths a makeover, was to add more storage space. Actually, let me take that back. Not to add "more" but to just add storage space. You see, there was practically none before. So if you are looking to update your bathroom this year, here are some smart ways to incorporate much-needed storage into your bathroom, just like we did!

How to make your bathroom bigger

If you have both a bath and a shower in your tiny bathroom, consider giving up the shower cubicle and incorporating a bathtub that is flat and wide enough to give you space for showering. If you read this bathroom renovation article, I explain how to choose the right shower bathtub, and where we got ours from.

storage solutions for small bathrooms

Storage solutions for small bathrooms: vanity

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a vanity sink. Do the smart thing and choose one with storage and you will never look back. They come in all sizes, styles and colours and you can even find matching tall cabinets, if that is what you need.

If the budget is tight, look for vanity units that come with a sink, otherwise you have to buy them separately and this could cost more. Even though integrated, your unit will come in two pieces: the sink and cabinet.

Some sinks sink on top of the cabinet, and some neatly fall inside it. Most cabinets come with a cut out inside the drawer to allow for the drawer to close around the waste.

Featured below: If you are looking to create that luxury hotel-style bathroom, the new Lusso range of vanity units are what you are looking for! This new range of vanity units were designed by their own in-house designers and are totally exclusive to Lusso Stone. This is the PIANA 1000 which we chose for our ensuite bathroom. Taking storage solutions for small bathrooms to another level.

The minimalist design aesthetic and practicality do not have to be at odds, and this fine luxury matte grey cabinet with matte black steel frame unit is the proof. Extensive yet unobtrusive storage space abounds. The exterior of this cabinet is finished in grey and the internal drawers are anthracite grey.

The frame is matte black steel and the basin is made from composite stone. The basin is supplied without a tap hole, so that you have the option of using wall or deck mounts basin tap (we obviously went for wall taps).

storage solutions for small bathrooms

storage solutions for small bathrooms

storage solutions for small bathrooms

storage solutions for small bathrooms

storage solutions for small bathrooms

Things to consider when choosing your vanity unit for a bathroom where space is tight: You can choose one with multiple drawers, but try to pick one that is wall hung or one with slim legs. This will create the illusion of more space because you are able to see all the way to the back of the wall.

Then to ensure you STAY organised, pick small organiser boxes - MUJI has some great products (and I use them extensively inside my vanity - you can use separate boxes for toothbrushes, lipsticks, make up etc, thus keeping your sink top clutter-free.



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