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The Soho House look

May is here so we have the perfect excuse to start organising city breaks, right? This was rhetorical by the way. If your kids are starting school this week and you want something to look forward to (or simply don't have kids and can travel wherever, whenever), a boutique hotel stay will recharge your batteries and fill you with ideas for your home decor. But if you can't go away, why not bring that look in your own home, right now?

Most successful boutique hotels are those that imprint on our long term memory with their character; the ones that are instantly recognisable, with vintage chairs dressed in luxurious fabrics, a well curated art collection and beds that make you wish you were Sleeping Beauty (and therefore sleeping in them for a thousand years). The ones that feel like a home - if your home was luxurious and clean all the time that is.

You know which hotels I am talking about but if not, let me introduce you to SOHO HOUSE, a chain of luxury private houses that you can stay in (from London, to Barcelona and Berlin, or how about Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood?), be pampered (they have spas!) or simply to have a quiet afternoon while talking to a client if you are a member.

Mad Men decor and fashion ideas leather vintage danish sofa, magazine rack, a leather cantilever chair, blue robe with white stripe, French quilted chair, original btc wall light

Their instagrammable rooms can temporarily feed your interiors hunger but they will leave you wanting more. You can now replicate their look at home: all you have to do is visit the all new SOHO HOME e-store, where you can buy furniture and furnishings, a thoughtfully curated collection of products from all over the world.


Not only is it a great source for vintage, pre-loved furniture like this Danish leather sofa with wooden pillar base in Borge Mogensen-style drop arm shape and button back side cushions (a steal at £895 if you ask me) but also for everything you might need to set up your home with a hotel vibe: bedding, bathing accessories.