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Spring 2017 colours from Farrow & Ball

Popular paint brand Farrow & Ball issued their four key colours set to dominate interiors according to their trend predictions for Spring 2017. The four colours - Radicchio, Studio Green, Hay and All White - have "an enduring appeal that remains comfortingly familiar despite being used in surprising combinations". Radicchio is right in your face and will likely make you feel hungry whereas Studio Green is right up my street and would so easily use it in my home. All White is an all round favourite of interior designers and Hay is a golden-neutral with green undertones that will surprise you.



Warm colours tend to advance so you feel like they are coming towards you. Inevitably this also means that the space will feel more intimate. At the same time red apparently stimulates your appetite which explains why it has long been a popular colour for dining rooms.

Well, according to Farrow & Ball, red in the form of Radicchio will also stimulate discussions once you place it in other rooms, be that on the wall or as a feature colour on cupboards and ironwork (imagine vividly painted radiators against a crisp white or warm pink wall!).

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Studio Green


Green has been covered by this blog before, and it has been featured by Pantone, the leading authority in colour twice in the last few years: with Emerald green and Greenery (2017). Reflecting nature, Farrow & Ball's Studio Green is deemed an alternative to charcoal dark colours. If serenity is what you're after, Farrow & Ball suggest you team it up with New White, Farrow’s Cream and Pointing.

Green is known for its calming qualities and makes an excellent partner for bedroom walls. If you feel this colour is just too dark for your liking, how about you gloss it up and place it on your kitchen cabinets instead. Pair it with a gold splash back or marble for the ultimate in luxury.

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Before you rush to call this magnolia, remember to put it into perspective and in combination with other colours. Farrow & Ball's suggestion here is to team up Hay with Oval Room Blue - but I would team it with St Giles Blue. This one has a distinct green undertone.

Source: Farrow & Ball

All White


All White has no pigment and creates an uncomplicated feel which is naturally fresh, but not stark or ‘brilliant’. The key to this look is to create a mood of stillness and calm by layering different whites, and only whites, together. The great thing about this colour - if you like colour - is that you can use it as the backdrop for art, even from little ones!

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If you have used or planing to use any of the above colours do drop me a link below to your project or let me know how you planning to use them (rooms/ furniture etc), I would love to hear how you feel about them!


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