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Spring Colours For Your Home That Look Good Inside And Out

Spring’s flowering blooms reflect new life, marking the start of an exciting season that is perfect for repainting a home with uplifting colours. Whether you're improving your exteriors to boost your home’s kerb appeal or rejuvenating your interior spaces for the year ahead, the warmer weather is an invitation to begin your home’s seasonal makeover

If you’re transforming the appearance of your property, choosing colours you love is crucial. Knowing how to coordinate the colours you adore, inside and outside your home, allows you to then create a cohesive look you’ll enjoy for years to come.

This article explores stunning colours, inspired by spring, and how to incorporate them across your home for a harmonious and stylish finish.

Spring Colours For Your Home That Look Good Inside And Out

Annie Sloan Easter Front Door Chalk Paint In Tilton

Bringing Spring to Your Outdoor Spaces

If you want to start with coordinating the colours of all your outside areas, start by looking at trending spring colours for exteriors, such as traditional eggshells and shades of marine, celestial blues, Indian yellows and light golds.

Intelligent gloss paints are great for joinery, woodwork and primed metals, while limewash fuses well with stone surfaces. It also creates a charismatic depth to outdoor walls that can be built up with successive coats. 

Spring is the ideal season to breathe new life into your home’s outdoor areas in anticipation of some longed for and better weather coupled with fewer rainy days.

Whether it’s you painting the outside walls and areas of your property or the painters you’ve booked to help you out, the warmer months are the prime time to paint outside and make lighter work of your comprehensive project on the drier days.

Meanwhile, if you’re using environmentally-friendly, water-based paint, it will dry quickly for a smooth matt finish that is suitable for brickwork, render, cement blockwork and any existing paint finishes.

Spring Colours For Your Home That Look Good Inside And Out

Annie Sloan Outdoor Dining Chalk Paint In English Yellow With Gloss Lacquer

Coordinating Exterior Colour Tones

Once you have decided on the right colour to suit the style, age and character of your home, consider matching in colour tones that will complement each other and can be coordinated throughout your property’s exterior features.

This might mean ensuring that the colour chosen for your front door can also be reflected on any type of garage door, to give you a consistent and polished look. 

Enhancing the front of your house with coordinated colours, makes a memorable first impression, which can boost your property’s kerb appeal no end.

Select one of many soft pastel hues or a cheerful tone of sunny yellow or robin's-egg blue for your front door to add instant charm and personality. These colours work well together exuding warmth and a sense of spring, drawing attention towards your home's façade and welcoming visitors on arrival.

Likewise, if you have garden sheds and outbuildings, think about using that similar array of spring colours by painting them in complementary shades or tones that harmonise with your home's exterior palette. It is quite common for the external aspects of a property’s surroundings to suffer from neglect.

By picking the right greys, muted greens, or earthy browns these elements of your outside space can blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, while still adding visual interest.

Landscaping with a Cohesive Scheme

Consider painting your external walls and garage doors in colours that match your home's style and that also merge in well with its natural surroundings.

Soft neutrals like warm beige or creamy white are timeless choices that provide a versatile backdrop for seasonal accents and landscaping. In the same vein, include these colours wherever possible to refresh your garden walls and low-lying brickwork. 

Meanwhile, if you’re in the early stages of planning a new patio this spring, you might want to tie the choice of any stone slabs or outdoor furnishings into a consistent exterior scheme.

You can also jazz up planted pots with a dash of paint, add a pop of bright colours with new cushions in your seated area, or be bolder and revitalise existing patio furniture. Lively shades of green, coral, or turquoise offer a refreshing look and relaxing setting to spend a while admiring your garden’s flowering splendour.

Spring Colours For Your Home That Look Good Inside And Out

Annie Sloan

Transforming Interiors with an Established Theme

With an established and cohesive spring colour scheme spanning your exteriors, you can seamlessly transition the same hues indoors, to create a harmonious flow throughout your home.

Starting with your living rooms, transform comfortable and cosy interiors with the most up-to-date spring colours. By doing so, you’ll add that same brush of warmth and vibrant spring energy across your home, incorporating stunning shades of citrus, blush pink or soft lavender for maximum effect.

Consider updating throws, sofa cushions, curtains, or rugs to reflect your season's favoured palette, adding a sweep of cheerful flourishes of colour to seating areas.

When it comes to transforming a bathroom into a spa-like retreat, this is easily achieved with a selection of soothing hues inspired by nature, such as seafoam green, sky blue, or sandy beige. These calming colours evoke a sense of serenity and tranquillity, creating an enticing atmosphere for relaxing and pampering.

Like before, be consistent with your colour choices and embrace the colour palette or theme throughout your home to create the most cohesive and attractive interiors. Whether you prefer soft pastels, bold primaries, or earthy neutrals, maintaining a unified colour scheme will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home and ensure a seamless transition from room to room.

Last Thoughts

By embracing spring’s rejuvenating colours, you can breathe life into your home’s facade and interiors. The joys of this spring’s trending colours incorporate fresh and uplifting earthy tones that reflect nature's renewal.

Whether matching a front door to a garage, or refreshing inside walls for a new season, you can enhance the overall appeal of your property with a warm and welcoming appearance for years to come. 


Jenny Kakoudakis

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors. She launched award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

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