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Styling ideas for hallways

A stylish hallway will give the best impression when someone comes through your door. And if not doing it for the guests, do it for yourself. Tidy up the space, use stylish furniture that fits properly (important) and accessoriSe, but don't over do it, especially if the space is small.

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Use a slimline console table to make the space feel less cluttered

Crafted from oak veneer, with a single smooth-slide drawer and two storage compartments, this long length console table from Cox & Cox is perfect for your hallway. The sleek, simple design and subtle wood grain make for an elegant storage solution. Style with Abstract Framed Prints in Blue and Mustard to recreate the look. Accessorise with a neutral coloured ceramic pot and a pair of vases in colours drawing from the art prints.

Styling 2 - Everyone wants to check the time before they go, so why not pair the console table with a wall clock. Add vases in two different sizes - we love these