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The Art of Country Living: 5 Benefits of Sustainable Farmhouses 

Country life is the dream for anyone wanting to escape the stress of city life. The natural beauty, fresh, clean air, and slower pace promise tranquility and peace. It’s also the ideal setting for a sustainable lifestyle. 

With homesteading becoming more popular, and the eco-friendly and sustainability movement growing, it’s no wonder many people long for a sustainable farmhouse. Master the art of country living and enjoy these 5 benefits of sustainable farmhouses. 

 Benefits of Sustainable Farmhouses 

Compatibility with Local Energy-Saving Guidelines

If you are building a country farmhouse, and are committed to sustainability and conservation, check the codes first. This will give you direction on where to start, and what you’ll need. The experts at Section J Consultants recommend checking your state or county’s requirements for energy conservation. 

There are different codes, guidelines, and recommendations (some mandatory, some not) across the world. For example, Section J in the Australian National Construction Code (NCC2022) focuses on the energy efficiency requirements for commercial buildings. 

In the US, there are similar codes and guidelines, like the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which covers residential and commercial buildings. While not mandatory at this point, it’ll stand you in good stead should you ever wish to sell, if your structure meets IECC guidelines.

Conservation of the Environment 

There’s no doubt that sustainable country living is better for the environment. Sustainable agriculture uses up to 56% less energy per unit of crops. It also creates 64% fewer greenhouse gas emissions per hectare. Best of all, planting the perfect garden of fruits, veggies, and herbs supports greater biodiversity. 

Sustainable farmhouse living also minimizes environmental impact, through the reduction of waste. All it takes is some clever planning before building and a few changes to your daily habits, and you reap the benefits of environmental conservation.

Using natural sources of heat and light for your farmhouse through careful positioning of windows and skylights reduces energy consumption. And growing your crops around your home, and using your leftover food scraps as compost, you also make a huge difference to the health of the planet. 


 Benefits of Sustainable Farmhouses 

An Example to Others

Part of the charm of country life is its deeper sense of community. People take the time to stop and greet each other on their way to the market. This is why it’s so much easier to get the sustainability message heard. By leading the way with your sustainable farmhouse, you’re an example to others. 

Sustainability and eco-friendly living are no longer seen as ‘trends’. They are a way of life and our best chance at preserving the bounty of nature for future generations. So there’s no more stress about cheating your way to 10-a-day fruits and vegetables. You can grow your own, naturally. 

By using a borehole dug on your property for crop irrigation, even flushing the toilet, or washing your truck, you show others how they, too, can conserve resources. Water is our most precious resource, which is why boreholes (that give you access to groundwater) are becoming popular again.

Better for the Budget

Sustainable country living is also better for the budget. By harnessing the power of nature, you don’t have to rely on power from other sources. At the very least, you’ll reduce your reliance on the public utilities. Solar panels and even wind turbines are now widely accessible. You can even order them online.

This leads to two benefits — saving money, and determining your own energy resources. Many homesteaders have freed themselves from the burden of excessive power bills, by utilizing solar energy, wind energy, and other natural energy sources. 

Despite an initial cost for supplies and set-up, the running costs are minimal. This allows you to save money and put it to better use, like investing in more agricultural supplies. So that you can give back to nature, as a thank-you for harnessing its abundant power. 

Physical and Mental Well-being

Growing your food in the garden next to your farmhouse is one of the biggest steps you can make to your sustainability. You’ll have healthy, delicious nutrient-rich food when you need it, free from pesticides that harm the environment. If you invest in a hydroponics system, you don’t even need much space.  

But your physical and mental well-being get a boost in other ways too, when you choose the sustainable country lifestyle. It encourages you to do more walking outside, breathing in the fresh air while you enjoy the scenery. And the experts agree, that’s a very good idea for your continued health.

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, spending time in nature improves both physical and mental health. Being away from the city’s noise, traffic, and pollution, and surrounding yourself with more green spaces, are among their recommendations. 


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