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The Definitive Guide to Kitchen Trends for 2020

Fluted Everything

If 2019 was the year of fluted glass, then 2020 is the year of the fluted walls, cabinets and kitchen islands. You will also find these referred to as 'slated' and if you are into DIY then what you should be looking for ideally is 'slated panels'. These were originally created for sound proofing but lately are used to add texture on walls.

In lighter colour ways, these panels are very much aligned with the whole Japandi (Japanese meets Scandi) interiors style.

Brighton Townhouse — Biasol Interior Design


The trick to mastering monochrome is to balance your palette: if you opt for black walls, your floor should err on the side of pale and vice versa. You should also combine surface textures and finish with interesting metallic details to ensure the look is arresting rather than austere. Here are a few more tips to bear in mind.

  • Textural details more than tone will add depth and warmth to the natural elegance of monochrome, but don't be too subtle or they will get lost.

  • You can soften the effect of black and white by adding graduated tones from grey to beige.

  • Accesorize your palette with metallic elements that shimmer in the light.

  • Dark wood panelling will look great beside pale wood floors; or you could invert the look and go for dark floors with pale panelling.

  • Don't forget to layer your lighting by combining natural, task and overhead sources to create atmosphere and to illuminate the textural details.

Photos above: Custom Fronts featuring Smoked Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets.

Mix and Match

In 2020 it is OK to mix different materials in your kitchen, so if you have a dark oak kitchen but want your island to be dressed in brass or bronze that is more than on trend.

Above: Miele

Honest materials

Even in the world of high design, cost is making an impact, both financial and environmental. Designers and customers alike are increasingly rejecting expensive materials that pollute or deplete natural resources in favour of humbler and more affordable alternatives. Cue lots of sustainable wood with raw finish, plywood, paper and cork. Eco design is no longer the poor relation to good design.

Above: Plywood and formica cabinets by Custom Fronts, built on IKEA carcass. Below: Plywood kitchen, also by Custom Fronts.

Re-imaging the Classics

Kitchen storage does not have to be all about cabinets and built in furniture. Free standing storage takes the lead, and the trick here is to re-invent the classics. Charlotte Perriand's 'Nuage' storage system, a 1950s design of which only a few were ever made finds its modern alternative in TYLKO wall storage systems. This system can practically work around your needs and available space and can provide storage through shelving, drawers and cabinets.



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