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All the trendy plant pots we're loving right now

How to decorate with plant pots, concrete plant pot with succulent

Some of us are not born green fingered it seems (or maybe I should be speaking of myself only?), but that all changed when our lives were introduced to the world of succulents and cacti. Nearly indestructible (although, ahem, i am still known to have still killed a few), these little (and sometimes not so little) plants don't need much water or sun and will happily spend time anywhere in your home.

Looking their best in groups, here are my favourite pots to showcase real or faux plants right now. Just to get things straight from the start, this is not a sponsored post, all products shown below are my own picks. Enjoy!

How to decorate with plant pots, belly basket planter

Every house needs weaved baskets and I use similar regularly for the laundry, veggies, odd socks, you name it! You can even buy the smaller ones and make your own DIY hamper gifts for Christmas!

The three Baskets above (£150 Cox and Cox) are woven from natural seagrass with a contrasting green weave pattern with a natural linen lining, and are perfect for storing your essentials or displaying your favourite potted houseplants.

When I received my first Cox and Cox catalogue some two years ago, I knew that this was a really special shop. Although at