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Vital Questions to Ask Your AC Repair Specialist Before You Hire Them

As a homeowner, you probably want to make sure that various things around the house work the right way. That certainly includes anything having to do with your HVAC. This term stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. During the summer, when the weather gets hot, you will want to have a working central air unit to keep you comfortable. 

If you need AC repair, Denver residents, you will want to hire a reputable company that can do the job right. Before your repairperson starts the job, you should ask them some questions. Let’s go over a few of those right now. 

Vital Questions to Ask Your AC Repair

How Much Will This Cost?

When you have someone from your local HVAC company come to look over your unit to see what it requires, they will likely charge a fee for the service call. That’s typically unavoidable. The company wants you to pay the technician for their time. However, in many cases, the company will waive the service fee’s cost if you need repair work. 

Ask the technician about this. If they will waive the service call fee if they do some work for you, that’s a point in their favor. Next, you should ask how much the job will cost. You don’t want any surprises. The technician should be able to give you at least an estimate if not a particular dollar amount.  

Is There a Cheaper Option?

You can also ask about cheaper options if the price the technician gives doesn’t work for you. You want the AC unit operational, but sometimes, the technician will offer you multiple options regarding how to get it to that point.

For instance, they might suggest a more expensive solution that will likely get more usable life out of your AC unit, or they might also have a cheaper option that provides a temporary fix for your problem.

If you can’t afford the more expensive option, slapping a Band-Aid on the problem might be the better choice. Perhaps you want the more costly option if it will extend the unit’s life, but you may simply not have enough money to afford that.   

Can You Finish the Job Today?

You should also ask the technician if they can complete the job that same day or if they must come back with parts at another time. If you work outside the home on most weekdays, you would probably prefer if the technician could do the job all at once. That way, you can avoid having to take another day off if they need an additional day to work on the unit. 

You can always try to schedule only weekend days for the technician to come as well. However, those days usually fill up with appointments fast, and getting one from the company might prove challenging. 

Vital Questions to Ask Your AC Repair

Can I Save Any Money By Signing Up for a Customer Loyalty Plan?

You can also ask about a customer loyalty plan. Many HVAC companies offer these. If you sign up for one, you may be able to save money on the repair work. If your unit needs extensive repairs, this option sometimes makes sense. 

If the company offers a service plan or various service plans at different levels, have the technician crunch the numbers. If you only need simple or routine maintenance for the unit, signing up for the plan might not make sound financial sense. It’s at least worth looking into these options, though. 

Is It Cheaper to Get a New Air Conditioner?

If the HVAC technician says that your unit needs extensive repair work, you might ask about the price of getting a new AC unit versus repairing the current one. This becomes a more attractive option if you have an older unit that’s getting close to the end of its usable life. 

It’s the same with cars and various other appliances around the home. A time will come when replacing the old or malfunctioning item with a brand-new one makes sense. Like the customer loyalty plan, have the technician crunch the numbers. If the repairs would cost $3K, but you could get a new unit for $5K, you might do that instead. 

It’s more money upfront if you do that, but you’ll have a brand-new AC unit. You’re investing in your home that way. You will have a warranty on the new device, and you will likely increase the home’s resale value if you decide to move at some point. 

Jenny Kakoudakis

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