Why every home should have a bespoke kitchen

A bespoke kitchen is the pipe dream for many home owners. Just like we’d all love to own a tailor made designer suit that fits us perfectly and shows the body in the most flattering light, a kitchen made from scratch to fit the exact specifications of the room is the icing on the cake for any home. It can supports your lifestyle and complement your taste preferences. And here at Season in Colour it is what we currently talk about (with a home extension and new kitchen coming up next year!) 

No doubt, going bespoke has a different cost to buying units 'off the shelf'. Given that the kitchen is not only the hardest working space in the home but also its undisputed heart, designing one to your exact specification is an investment worth making and actually, less unattainable than you would think. Let’s demystify a few things.

What do we mean by ‘bespoke kitchen’?

Mostly it means a kitchen that is designed, manufactured and installed by expert craftsmen. You work with a company from concept to implementation. The obvious benefit is that you can maximise the available space with cabinets of any type and size you wish. Instead of having to rely on mass produced standard sizes, you have full control and unlimited choice when it comes to the look and feel of your new space.