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Wallpaper focus: Woodchip & Magnolia x Anna Hayman

Woodchip and Magnolia are excited to announce the latest member of the W&M tribe, Sussex based artist Anna Hayman. They have worked with Anna to create seven papers featuring her on-trend, intricate designs. Anna Hayman is an emerging English print designer with an eye for the dark and decadent. Detailed and luxurious, Anna’s prints are fast becoming modern icons with their influences of Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and Bohemian 70’s style.


One of Anna’s best known and well loved prints. BIBANA is a design created from a linocut, originally printed in gold ink on a dark background. The pattern is a detailed floral design, with gentle undulation and a restful palette, the combination of which makes for a fabulous wallpaper as it adds visual interest to a room without demanding too much attention.

It looks good as a backdrop for a gallery wall, feature sections such as chimney breasts or single walls, or equally as full on maximalist style. It layers well with large botanical plants, brass, black and leather, and can be pushed in terms of styling into a luxe Art Deco look, or a more traditional ‘hushed library’ feel.

Fabric is also available and the lampshades are sold exclusively via Rockett St George.

Woodchip and magnolia Anna Hayman BIBANA gold wallpaper eclectic dark bedroom decor

Woodchip and magnolia Anna Hayman BIBANA gold wallpaper pendant light with fringe

Woodchip and magnolia Anna Hayman BIBANA gold wallpaper


Anna’s popular BIBANA design gets a new twist in this mouthwatering turquoise colour way. Created from an original lino print, Anna repeated this flower motif to fall in soft waves making a restful yet interesting wallpaper.

In shades of turquoise/jade into soft black, it pairs well with a pop of pinks and lush plants. Echoes of the Art Deco era mean you could go luxe and style this with gold elements, or perhaps use it as a feature in a dark room, or the backdrop to a colourful gallery wall. It also works for the Bohemian trend, i.e. sheepskins, macrame and peacock chairs.


This design certainly works for the Dark Interiors trend. From a lush inky background come the pops of jade flowers, in a trellis style pattern. Anna starts with lino prints and manipulates them digitally to create repeat patterns, which makes for interesting wallpapers.

This one takes on the darker side of the botanical trend and gives it a Victorian twist. Dramatic and intense, this would look fabulous broken up with mirrors, used in alcoves, or inserted into panelling.


This intricate design was created by layering two lino prints, making a foreground and background to the pattern to add depth, a dark burnt orange background with pops of vivid flowers.

We love the way this mixes a late Victorian Arts and Crafts look with an on-trend 70’s feel, and can see it with heavy velvets, or coming half way up a wall with a dado rail. A bold choice, this would certainly warm up a room and would look fabulous near a real fire with some soft Moroccan textiles.


Anna says: ‘This design was adapted around the idea of cane work, I wanted a print which linked together seamlessly and evoked a colonial style.’ In tones of Mustard, black and Terracotta, this is a warm and rustic wallpaper with a homely feel. This is printed on a small scale for a densely-woven, lush look.

Derived from original lino prints, Anna’s work has a freshly printed quality which adds depth and character to her designs. This paper would pair well with woven baskets, and rush matting or stone flooring. It would also look great in the back of a display cabinet or inserted into panels.

(photos coming up)

SGT. PEPPER ARSENIC (also available in MUSTARD)

So called as it reminds Anna of the Beatles, this detailed print has a distinct craft feel. Vaguely psychedelic, with vibrant tones of green and golden yellow, this design has a natural look and therefore looks fab with foliage.

Derived from an original linocut, it carries the look of being freshly printed, in rich tones on a dark background. Pairs well with metallic accents, tan leather and black, or layered with other prints for full-on maximalist effect.

The wallpapers will be launched during London Design Fair at the Woodchip & Magnolia stand in TENT, 21-24 September ​Stand F23 Hall T1. You will be able to buy them on the W&M shop here. All photos by Anna Hayman/Woodchip & Magnolia.


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