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Working with pastel colours

Working pastel colours into your home decor

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is never an easy decision, do you go with bright and bold or subtle and calm? Well, if this is a decision you are currently struggling with then there is a type of colour scheme that is the perfect combination of both these choices; pastel colours.

Pastels have really grown in popularity recently as we have see them featured more and more in some of this years’ most exciting trends. They are bright but calm, helping you create uniquely styled rooms which can be both fun and relaxing.

If you are thinking of going with a pastel colour scheme then there are some wonderful ways in which you can incorporate this into your home. So, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ways in which to do this by using furniture, appliances, products and paint to create that trendy pastel vibe.

Painted Pastel walls

There is something beautifully modern about pastel colours, but don’t let this put you off using them if you have a more retro style or older home. They are fantastically versatile and will seamlessly suit any type of interiors.

However, there are a few things to consider: Look at your furniture first. Unless you are planning to change all of your sofas, chairs and beds then the first thing you should do is find out what colour will compliment these. Perhaps pastel pink is your favourite colour, but unless you have white or cream furniture to off-set this then it might not be the best choice.

How to: Use more than one colour on your walls - colour blocking will come handy here. Mints and limey yellows will look good in a living or play room.

Walls painted in Little Greene Paint: Brighton 203, Pale Lime 70, Marigold 209 and Slaked Lime

Wall painted in Little Greene Paint:105 Aquamarine - Pale 282, Aquamarine - Mid 284, Aquamarine 138 & Livid 263

We love the contrasting wood which creates a contemporary take on a retro look when combined with Jade Pinafore and Peppermint Candy (both Dulux).

Outside or inside your home

If you take a stroll around Notting Hill you will note that pastel coloured front doors are really popular there. One of our favourite pink colours is Dorchester Pink by Little Greene. And if you are brave enough, paint your house front in this happy palette!

How to: if you are painting exterior walls, create a contrast with the front door!

Little Greene Paint: Door in Dorchester Pink – Mid 286 Surround: Loft White 22

One of the best things about pastel colours is how bright they are. They provide a soft, fresh feel to a room quickly and easily. However, it’s important to consider how much natural and artificial light your room gets throughout the day. Some colours will look better in a darker room and others better in a brighter room. The size of the room is not very relevant as pastels are rarely dark.

Photo courtesy of DULUX UK

Wallpaper or tiles?

If you don’t want to paint your walls a new pastel colour, then you are left with two options: wallpaper or tiles (and yes, you can use tiles in the bedroom and living room too!). Both are great choices and will work really well with this colour scheme. Pastel tiles are a popular option for bathrooms at the moment!

When it comes to wallpaper or murals, you are truly spoiled for choice. There is a vast array of colours to choose from but also many different patterns too, from intricate designs to simple colour blocks.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with design choices; a geometric pattern looks so much better in pastel. The soft colours will make it easier to work with. The result ? An inspiring eclectic style that can suit all homes!

The Cole & Son Punchinello diamond wallpaper, as seen in the House of Philia

Cole & Son Prism wallpaper pastel

Barneby Gates Arcade wallpaper in Pastel Pink

Kids Pastel Rainbow Wallpaper Mural, £36/m from Murals Wallpapers

Eclectic Geometric mural from Murals Wallpaper. Sleek lines meet pastel pink, marble and seafoam green to give a stunning wallpaper design. Pair with copper accents for an ultramodern living room space with added glam.

Cole and Son Miami wallpaper. This exuberant design featuring layers of terraced colonnades with lush tropical vegetation pays homage to Miami's South Beach architecture: glamorous, tropical and super-cool.

If you are thinking tiles then the current trend with these at the moment is faux tin tiles. They provide a unique quality that’s dripping in elegance and charm. It’s worth knowing that you can actually get wonderful 3D wallpaper that has this style embossed into it. It’s a much cheaper option and will fool everyone who sees it.


There are some truly wonderful bedding products on the market right now, that are perfect for injecting this fresh palette into your bedroom. Ranging in price and style, these items are guaranteed to breathe new life into tired looking rooms. We used this Soak & Sleep French Linen duvet set and we still love it very much!

Pinks and mints are great in the bedroom. If you are not ready to update a whole duvet set, start smaller: updating your pillowcases to a new pastel colour or pattern you can still change the feel of a room. Whether it’s for your bed or sofa, a pastel pillowcase is a quick and easy way to implement this fantastic colour scheme.

French linen in pink by Soak & Sleep

Over at Habitat we saw a new range called PIXELATE which includes a pair of pillowcases with geometric patterns in pastel shades. Stylish, fresh and delightfully modern, this product is worth every penny.

PIXELATE PINK, Habitat, from £35

The bed is the centre piece of the bedroom, it should draw the eye and ooze comfort and style, so it’s important to get the right pastel colour here. If your room is already filled with light colours, such as greys and creams then you may wish to check out the Sanderson Manderley Bedding in mint at Bedeck.

It’s pastel mint green is the perfect accompaniment for a wooden table or headboard. Combining this with white flowers and rustic furniture will provide your room with a crisp yet calm mood, ensuring a good night's sleep!

Sanderson Manderley Bedding in Mint

Sanderson Manderley Bedding in Mint

Sanderson Manderley Bedding in Mint, available from Bedeck.

bluebellgray Sanna Duvet Cover Set

Bluebellgray Sanna Duvet Cover Set

Kitchen - Dining Room

Pastel products make us happy! John Lewis have a superb set of 4 pastel wine glasses (LSA International) that are guaranteed to be a hit at parties whilst also adding to the trendy colour scheme. The collection (Polka Pastel) also features beautiful round vases.

4 pastel wine glasses by LSA International

pastel vases by LSA International

How about updating one of the largest items in your home; the Fridge Freezer. It’s more expensive but a retro looking SMEG fridge is what kitchen goals are for. It will provide unrivalled style, class and elegance to any home. It has many modern features hidden within its retro design, such as a fast freezing, frost free ability and has an A++ energy rating which will actually help lower your energy consumption.

The mint green SMEG fridge in an open plan kitchen

The mint green SMEG fridge

Also in the kitchen, you can work the mint trend through tiles or cabinetry.

Portobello wall tiles in mint by Walls and Floors

Tints Rose Brick Tiles by Walls and Floors

pastel coloured kitchen tiles in pistachio with cream cabinetry and large farmhouse sink

Pistachio Tiles by Walls and Floors


Although black and white bathrooms continue strong in 2018, pink and blue pastels are now making more frequent appearances in our little sanctuaries.

Tints Calm Brick Tiles by Walls and Floors pastel colours in the bathroom

Tints Calm Brick Tiles by Walls and Floors

From soft furnishings to large fridge freezers and pastel doors, there are many ways in which you can incorporate this palette into your home. If you do decide to go with this style then don’t be afraid to be bold, be creative with the colours and last but not least always remember to include contrasting shades.

Too much pastel will look al little washed out, but with some neutrals added in your home can boast a modern, elegant and sophisticated style.


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