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10 Things That Make A House A Great Home: By Real Estate Experts

They say that home is where the heart is. It can also be a place where it can show off a person’s unique personality.

What makes a house a great home? This guide will go over the ten things that will answer this question, according to real estate experts. This will be a valuable piece of information that can help anyone who is looking to sell their home fast or is looking to buy a new home.

It can be for real estate agents or investors. Or it may be for someone who may be looking to sell the home. If you need an agent who can help you with the selling process, learn more about Teifke Real Estate right here.

Let’s begin now with the list below.


1. The location

The location of a house is one of the top desires of any new home buyer. They want to be close to schools, the downtown area, or even where they work. They might not want to travel lengthy distances from home to their destination.

Someone may want a bit of peace. So to be a bit far away from the city could be something one buyer may desire. Either way, a home can be something that satisfies someone’s desires. If you are looking to sell your home fast, research the sales records of your area. Do properties stay on the market long or do they get snapped up quickly?

2. Keeping everything nice and clean

There is nothing more like home like a place that is clean and organized. The sheets are fresh out of the laundry. Everything is well-organized. Some may not even stand the sight of clutter. You don’t have to be the neatest of neat freaks to share this sentiment. A poorly kept home can drive down the home value. So if you want to sell your home fast, read on!

Your home value may drop even if you keep things nice and tidy. This can be due to several factors. One of them is the neighboring homes looking unkempt and disorganized.

The other may be repairs (albeit critical ones). A home can look nice and organized. Yet, it can look like it’s close to falling apart on the inside.

3. Curb appeal is very eye-catching

A home may look nice on the inside. However, the outside needs a bit of tender love, and care as well. That’s why you want to make it look nice outdoors if you want your home to sell fast.

A nicely trimmed lawn or even a well-tended garden are just a couple of examples. Again, an unkempt lawn may not look so appealing to the eye. Not only that, it can also be a preview of what you can see on the inside.

You don’t have to make it perfect. Make it look presentable enough for someone to glance at when they pass through. The outside will count as much as the inside when it comes to a home that’s on the market.

4. Make upgrades when and where necessary

Renovations will often increase the value of your home. Especially if you have plans to sell it in the future. That’s why you’ll want to make upgrades when and where possible.

The bathroom and kitchen are two possible areas. It’s also a good opportunity to upgrade your appliances to something that will be energy-efficient.

A home would be more welcoming when you’re not saddled with a lot of things that will drain you financially.

5. Freshen up the place with paint

There’s nothing quite like a new coat of paint to transform the interior of your home. You might look at it and think that it looks bland. So livening it up with new colors might just be the perfect solution.

Make a plan to select the rooms you want to paint. Take into consideration whether these rooms see plenty of traffic or not. For example, if the kitchen is being repainted, satin and eggshell are excellent paint types for high-traffic areas due to their easy-to-clean texture.

6. Well-decorated Walls

Decorated walls will always beat out the ones that are bare any day of the week. The real question is, what would you decorate yours with? Paintings or something else that you want to hang on the wall?

It’s your space. Decorate it to something that will fit your personal needs and tastes. If anything, when you step inside, you might notice some details about someone’s personality based on the way they decorate their home.

We might be wrong. But we can’t think of one great way to express your personality without being too loud.

7. A space to relax

It’s no secret that your entire home can be relaxing and inviting. However, you might use an extra room as a place where you can relax and get away from it all. What you do in this room is up to you.

Do you have a hobby? Turn it into a place where you can do something that you love. Do you want something more peaceful? Decorate it with a nice chaise lounge and a bookshelf so you have a place to relax and read. Once again, it’s all up to you in terms of how you put it to use.

8. Natural light

Sure, we can turn the lights on to keep things bright and visible. But it would be pointless to do this during the day. A house will need an adequate amount of natural light that will make the place more appealing.

Furthermore, it also helps to keep the use of lights to a minimum. One more good reason why you should save money on energy use every month.

9. Repairs and maintenance

As mentioned earlier, if something is broken or needs fixing, it needs to be done as soon as possible. If the place has a critical issue that can lead to disaster, take care of it fast. You can easily look up the cost to book a London handyman online. You can have peace of mind knowing that your home is kept up well and liveable for you and your family.

10. The memories made

The memories made by you and your family are what makes home worthwhile. When it comes time to sell the house, you won’t leave them behind. You can tell the stories about all of the great moments that happened while you lived there.

No, you can’t take the house with you when you leave. But the memories you and your family make will always be with you for as long as you live no matter where you are.


Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors. She launched award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

Download her free bathroom renovation guide here.



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