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Hang it in style

You come back home and throw your jacket and bag on the first chair you find in front of you, hang it on the banister, lay them on the sofa or (for the worst offenders, including my 5 year old) on the floor.

I thought I'd give you a few ideas on coat stands currently in the shops so that you can hang your coats, jackets and bags in style.

Starting with iconic designer label Alessi. The coat stand below called Pierrot is from their 2015 collection and was recently featured on Living Etc. It has a price tag of £165 but papilloninteriors offer 10% off new customer orders, so there's a save already. I like that it has two tiers - bags on the lower tier and coat on top. It's one of the shortest around at just 1700mm high and also comes in black. Click on the photo to go directly to

Pierrot by Alessi, £165

My next pick is a little more rustic but very easy on the eye when there's nothing on. Almost like an architerctural feature against a wall or working as a divider within a room. It has a height of 1980mm and comes at £168. You can buy it here.

Rustic twigs coat stand by H@ME, £168

If you fancy the skandi look, John Lewis have this stand, the Magellan which doubles as a coat/hat and umbrella stand. It has a height of 1800mm and is made up of four slender birch legs set around a square base.

Magellan by John Lewis, £175

If you think that all of the above are just too expensive and you have a strict budget but still want the design, IKEA's PS 2014 was made for you. At £40, it's the cheapest around and still looks good. Like evrything else that IKEA makes!

IKEA PS 2014, £40

oh, and it comes in green too. For whatever reason, the green version costs even less! £30

IKEA PS 2014, GREEN, £30

The next pick is made from solid oak. The Twiggy oak coat stand from Habitat is a functional and fun design. Quirky in appearance, but practical in purpose, it has ‘branches’ that you can hang coats on, and a tray for loose change and keys. Twiggy coat hooks in two sizes are also available. Not very tall at 1700mm.

Twiggy by Habitat, £150

If you are looking for something shorter for a kid's room, IKEA also have this colourful stand called KROKIG. The stand is a comfortable height for children and makes it easier for them to hang up their clothes by themselves with a height of just 1280mm.


Another stand for kids is this one on, however the high price may be putting off a lot out there (myself included). Given its height and the fact that you have drill 4 holes in your wall to fix it in place (that's big sacrifice in my book), I think the price is just unreal. But hey, it looks good so it makes it in the blog! At 1500mm is a good size for older children and will look good on the wall.

Tree coat stand by Design by Timber, £225

If colour is what you're after, Blue Dot offer the Splash in a choice of colours. Blue Dot has a lovely video made for this stand showing how their design developed to become what you see below. Have a look at the video too!

Splash by Blue Dot, $299

For me, one of the most stylish is unfortunately sold out. Previously available by, the stand sold out but guess what?! You can vote to bring it back!

Chopper by, £39

Of course, if you have recently won the lottery, you can splash out on one (or more, one for each room I say, especially if it was double roll-over) of these... at just Eur 3980, I give you, The Cactus. For that kind of money, you're getting a certificate of authenticity as there are only 500 of these made in the world. So you get art as well as design and a tidy home. Simples.

Gufram Cactus Coat Stand by Guido Drocco / Franco Mello, Eur 3980

Do you have a favourite coat stand in mind? Have you recently bought one that you would recommend? Would you go for practicality or design? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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