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Small Business Friday with Carina van den Bergh

It's the last day for Design Junction tomorrow, so don't miss an opportunity to meet up with Carina van den Bergh who is exhibiting as part of the RAW Collective.

I was wondering in a kinda "not reeeeeally lost, I know where I am going" way when I walked into the room she was exhibiting on the third floor of the Lethaby Building at The College (12-42 Southampton Row, WC1B 4AP) shortly before the end of the day.

She was explaining the features of her UN1+1 tables to a middle aged and impecably (English) dressed couple who seemed remarkably into design from a private buyer perspective.

Given that my budget had been blown earlier in the week on Heal's fabric (which I no longer will use, I should add, following a meeting with 2LovelyGays - more of this later!) there was nothing much I could allow myself to spend on while there but still decided to go as it's such a good place for inspiration, getting to know new brands and designers and taking lots of lovely photos. I was so glad to "bump" into her!

Carina's designs have clean lines, they are wood based mostly and are uncomplicated yet have some great detail. But before I can show you, let's get the introduction out of the way.

A graduate of the Maastricht Academy of fine Arts (the Netherlands) in textile design she continued her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven and successfully graduated with her furniture collection ‘NAiF’ at the Man and Mobility department.

In 2012 she founded her own studio and started to work as an independent designer at Section‌‌‌‌ C in Eindhoven. The Studio realized several projects in furniture and concept design, graphics, UX, and branding.

More recently Carina spent time in Indonesia to get inspired by Balinese culture and craftsmanship and is now based in Istanbul to work on new projects.

“I am inspired by almost everything around me. A story that I have read, the memory of my grandmother’s cabinet or seeing beauty in ordinary everyday things around me. By using my imagination, I love to tell stories in my designs. In an intuitive and inquisitive way I design products which are characterised by simplicity, purity and great attention to detail.”

Carine van den Bergh

The time had passed and I was about to leave when the poster hangers above caught my eye. Available in three different sizes and not as yet available on her website, these seemed like a great match for a new poster I recently bought from LUMITRIX for my blogger's office.

Made of oak and brushed copper, the package includes a top and bottom oak part with magnet for ease of framing and the copper hanger. I was about to despair about having mismatch hanger and nail, when I realised that a good size copper nail was also included. Problem solved.

I rushed out to get cash and when I tried to re-enter I was told in no ucertain terms that the doors were closed for the day at 5.30pm (and it was 5.34pm already). No matter how much I plead, the guards were not moved. Was I about to give up though? No.

Realising I had Carina's card on me, I tweeted and texted her asking if she could bring a medium size hanger at the entrance. Carina obliged and so here I am, sharing my own space once more with this cute accessory.

Find more about Carina van den Bergh here.

You can follow Carina on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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