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Colour Trends - Pantone 2016

It is two months (almost) since Pantone announced their selection for the 2016 Colour of the Year but I wanted to wait before releasing this post, to see how the world of interiors (retailers and bloggers alike) would react to their announcement, which for 2016 - for the first time - is a pair of colours. They say they're complimentary to each other, but I remain a sceptic. Complimentary means putting them together. That doesn't mean painting adjoining walls in different colours - you can always choose one or the other and the accessorize with the "complimentary" colour. As I said, a sceptic. Obviously, no colour expert here, just my own opinion based on personal taste.

Rose Quartz

I am partial to a bit of pink, especially when combined with a little grey, white or black. Fabulous combination, pink and black. It kind of reminds me of Jackie O' when she was wearing her pink Chanel ensembles with big black shades.

The whole style is having a come back with the help of Chanel Oberlin, seen below wearing a Giles 3D Snake dress. In #RoseQuartz. Someone at Pantone likes Scream Queens for sure, because Ms Oberlin has been promoting the colour all season long. Just sayin'.