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House of Holland x Habitat

I made my way to Tottenham Court Road on Wednesday after work. The weather was good and HABITAT had promised a fabulous launch party to celebrate their collaboration with Henry Holland, the affable 30-something designer of House of Holland. I had to stop for a quick Frappuccino at Starbucks across from Habitat and what can you imagine, Holland's mom, Stephanie, sat next to me with some friends she brought to the launch. Can't reveal what was said (no, I was not eavesdropping, they were just a bit loud) but my pride-o-meter registered red. She was showing off newspaper features (bless) and was obviously wearing clothes from HoH's s16 collection (way to go Ma!).

On the other side of the road, just as shops were closing for the day, the party was just getting started.

Henry for Habitat


Drink? No, I need both hands to take photos, but hold that thought, I am coming back to collect.

I spot Mrs Grey, a.k.a. Mad about the House, a.k.a. Kate Watson Smyth while she is instagraming her shoes on Holland's carpet so I am quick to make an introduction. Which is easy because she has recently launched a book (about grey interiors, obvs!) and I have read it, so there you have it one thing common. I ask if I can take a photo, for my blog. She obliges. In return, she offers me some Monopoly money and we place unsuccessful bets on the roulette (note to both of us: stay away from casinos). Our cash burnt, we move to the other side of the room and bump (see what I did there?) into Lucy Gough who's a couple months away from becoming a mama and who looks radiant.

Totes amazeballs


The crowd seems to be split in three: the fashion groupies, the interiors bloggers and the in-betweeners. I spot some more familiar faces and while Holland goes live on his Facebook chat with Miquita Oliver, I exchange air kisses with Justin and Russell of 2LovelyGays (have you seen their latest project for Stella&Dot ? F A B ). Now drink in hand I decide to have a go at the photo booth with hilarious results. Shortly after, Cate St Hill joins the festivities. I have a feeling that Cate, who loves the Scandi way of interiors, is animated when in the presence of so much colour. And if this photo is evidence enough...

I meet Gabriella Palumbo of Flat15 (wish I had her hair and gallery wall!) for the first time, although I have been reading her blog) and we chat about upcoming projects and whether it feels weird to have our homes seen by so many people. I joke that I know everything about her place and I can guarantee that she must think I am some king of stalker. Yikes. Must-keep-my-mouth-shut. Gabriella will be doing some styling work at the House Fair in Olympia next month and I really look forward to it. Her thoughts on the collection we came to see?

It is bold!

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Some photos have been downloaded from the HABITAT UK and IKEA websites. Unfortunately I cannot credit them further as this information is not available to me. If you own any photos shown here and you would like them removed, please contact me via email.

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