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A splash of Colour in the kitchen

Kitchen renovation glass splashback

After a long day at work I love coming back home and cooking fresh for the family. It doesn't have to be something super complicated, and I wouldn't have time for that to be honest, but the process of cooking from scratch is almost therapeutic after a long day in the City. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I am hoping that one day we'll extend our kitchen so that it's a proper eat-in space.

Talking kitchens, I've recently found some amazing colourful photos which I wanted to share with you, in case you're considering installing or changing your splashback in there. I have in the past lived in houses that had no splashback (major faux pas, because #tomatosauce) as well as in places that had stainless steel splashback which I found very difficult to clean. So my preference is a glass splashback - which I currently have in my kitchen too. Here are my top 5 reasons for recommending them!

1/ Best for adding colour


Just like tiles, a glass splashback can come in a range of solid colours or printed designs. If you want to add a little zesty yellow in the kitchen but choosing it as a wall colour seems too extreme (and I don't blame you), then going for a yellow splashback is the solution. This colour will look great in an all white kitchens, and can also feel very contemporary if combined with grey or blue. Just remember, when renovating your kitchen, to get paint that will be good enough for the kitchen with its added humidity from cooking!

Kitchen renovation glass splashback

Kitchen renovation glass splashback

Kitchen renovation glass splashback

Tip: Always order a few samples and look at them under your normal kitchen lights as it could be that the result will look darker than what you'd expect. Artificial light, lack of photo filters and all that jazz. So do your homework and order those samples in.

2/ Best for keeping clean


If, like me, you like cooking, chances are the area behind your hob always looks like there's been a cook-off every time you try to sizzle a steak or two. As I said above, I have used stainless steel as a splashback and guess what, after rubbing it off intensely, you CAN leave marks. Not so with glass splashback which is very durable, and heat resistant of course. So no wonder they are perfect for rental properties and they could be perfect for your home too!

Kitchen renovation glass splashback

3/ Best for small kitchens


This is a no brainer really but tiles can make a kitchen look busy (you should see mine!) so if space is an issue then try a simplistic solid colour glass splashback. You will benefit both from the pared back look but also from the reflective qualities of the glass which will help bounce light around the room.

Kitchen renovation glass splashback

4/ Best for updating your kitchen at low cost


You can really make a tired or plain kitchen feel modern and luxurious by adding an upstand or a splashback and if you want to be completely on trend, try one of the latest "in colours" or go for something timeless. I absolutely love the grey-blue coloured one above and would advise you to be careful before choosing a black one as apparently dirt marks take longer to clean completely (old fashioned soap and a wet sponge do the job for me).

5/ Best for the luxury factor


One of the latest trends in glass splashbacks is the ice cracked glass effect which I found at London based Creoglass. Applying metal elements, natural minerals and a variety of pigments on to the back of a toughened glass in layers Creoglass create ultra modern kitchen feature products with a great design and functionality. Their Luxury Collection splashbacks have impressive deep textured design and a wide range of shimmering colours and sparkling effects complimented with the properties of a safety glass. What's more, their products are all designed and hand made entirely in the UK.

And if that is not enough, they also have a jaw dropping collection designed exclusively in Italy which just begs to be shown off. You can find more about this product here.

This post has been prepared in collaboration with CREOGLASS DESIGN, an Experimental Art Studio based in Watford - Greater London, UK. They specialise in design, manufacturing and installation of high quality glass applications like Kitchen & Bathroom Splashbacks, Glass Work Tops and Toughened Mirrors for Corporate, Commercial and Domestic Market.

With a reputation for friendly service and a unique product, as well as its own in-house design team, CREOGLASS has become the UK’s most innovative brand in architectural and interior decorative glass development. Their products have been especially designed to set the trend and satisfy people who desire exclusive custom made designs for unique bespoke glass solutions.

With CREOGLASS you can also spread the cost of your splashback with a finance option which always comes handy when you are renovating your whole kitchen! To find out more, visit CREOGLASS or follow them on Twitter here.

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