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The heritage of chair making

The entrance to any interiors show is a key space to attract imagination and prepare visitors for what they're likely to see during the show. This year, with the theme of the show being the roots of design, DECOREX asked world re-knowned furniture designer and interior designer Tim Gosling to curate a collection of chairs that represent the best of British craftsmanship through time.

With a number of chairs on loan from the Victoria and Albert museum, the collection was an insurance nightmare, with pieces dating back to 1740.

"When we told the V&A that the show was only going to be on for 5 days, they said forget it", said Tim Gosling, before going on to introduce us to each piece. He was animated and totally in his element, providing historical facts as well as his insight on the collection.

He wasn't alone to chose all the pieces. Tim asked 12 leading British visual creators including: Sir Paul Smith and Sir James Dyson, to choose their favourite piece and why it speaks to them.

It would be hard to choose my favourite chair from this collection. All of them were unique and important for the period they represented. See the video to understand why.

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