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Service shout out: #myDFS

A few months ago I covered the launch of the Britannia, a limited edition collection by DFS in collaboration with TeamGB. I was very excited to cover this launch which gave me the chance to research DFS more extensively, learn about where the products were made and even have a few online chats on camera with their Sales Team. Talking to DFS was like a deja-vu. And then I realised:


Sofas are expensive to buy and you spend a lot of time looking online before you even visit a shop to try them out. You cannot (and should not) buy a sofa without testing it out a bit. Is it firm, supportive? Will I be happy sitting on it while watching Game of Thrones next season?

You "invest" in a sofa, they're meant to be there for ages. So I reflected about the experience I had with DFS from one purchase to the next. What was it that had drawn me back to them? Well, it was 50% the designs and 50% the service.