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Free KLC Course - The Power of Colour

Really pleased to read that LivingEtc is teaming up with KLC School of Design to launch a free - yes, you read that correctly, FREE - 4 week online design course. Trust me, these offers don't come often! And even though I am already registered with KLC on an interior design course, I plan on taking on this learning opportunity as well. You can enrol now through FUTURE LEARN (read on for the course curriculum and to enrol).

The power of Colour


Colour is all around us but how can we use it to the benefit of our interiors when there is so much to choose from? KLC is here to help. Their course called 'The Power of Colour' examines the cultural and artistic elements of colour and how it works in the home and wider world.


Over a period of 4-weeks, the course will cover aspects such as: