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Is green here to stay?

Move along grey here comes green. Said nobody, ever. Or did they? Green was Pantone's colour of the year in 2013 (in its emerald hue) and it is a colour that influences hotels of the moment and is strong in accessories, paint and wallpaper. Today I am looking at greens that are less "enchanted forest" and more "mystery lake" meaning moody green blues or green greys (because, simply put, grey is still big in our lives and we cannot just banish it).

The psychology of green colour


I covered the psychology behind green in a previous post (you can read about it here) but let's do a little repeat. Green is a very relaxing colour for the eye. In fact, green is the colour our eyes are most used to. It communicates peace, a safe place to be. Mixing it with soft pastels is ideal when you're talking about the moody greens.

Which green hues to use right now?