Desk lamps for the design conscious

Before I got my current desk lamps (scroll down to find out more) I spent a good few days researching online what are the "it" desk lamps right now as I wanted something that would be fancy from a design perspective without however breaking the bank. It turned out that with a bit of shopping around you can find the same product for less, so here's a quick guide on the most fashionable desk lamps and how to get them for less!



A modern design from TAF Architects, this lamp is actually a bit bulky but was really drawn to the material. My inspiration when creating my home office was actually the photo below, so I figured it would be too much copy-paste going for the lamp as well. Having said that, the lamp is exceptionally well made and I would recommend it without hesitation.

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Where can you get it and how much does it cost?

There are many choices online and the difference was great so do as I do: shop around. The best way to see comparable cost is use the google "shopping" option. If I didn't try that, I would have gone straight to or Both websites sell the lamp but with different shipping costs. However, with a little shopping around you can actually also find it cheaper! - £125 + £6.95 shipping - £115 + free shipping (in stock

Given that I wanted 2x of these lamps, going to would have saved me a cool £34 and I could possibly have my lamps earlier. Having said that, I have not as yet used so I cannot comment how well they deliver on the service front.

2. FLOS TAB TABLE LAMP by Barber Osgerby


Minimally styled, the slender frame of the Tab provides a strikingly modern silhouette. While its proportions may seem slight, the distinctive design of this table lamp's folded shade evenly distributes light with a movable neck allowing for angled illuminations.

As it is individually made to order, expect to wait up to 6 weeks to receive it.

Where can you get it and how much does it cost?

HEAL's sell it for £225 (free shipping) (they sold it £205 last year!) sell it for £153 +£25.70 for "insurance contribution" = £173.50 but shipping may take up to 20 days. sell it for £224.14 with free shipping. It was £174.25 last year!!!

Pinkappledesigns sell it for £198.40

You get the point, shop around and you can definitely get a better price!



A retro-style desk light, featuring a spun aluminium semi-sphere shade with a solid chromed base. The cotton braided flex is woven through the curved chrome arm for a neat finish. It also comes in a number of colours which is always helpful!

Where can you get it and how much does it cost?

Heal's sell it for £419 (ouch!) and shipping (5-6 weeks!) is free.



I am a little biased, I must admit, as this is a photo from my own office. I bought two of these in 'Alpine'. They arrived within a couple days, well packaged in their individual boxes (very cool actually) and included low energy bulbs (most importantly they included lamps, that's it!).

photo: Seasons in Colour

Their size is perfect for my narrow but long work space and helps when two of us are working in the room.

The colour - white - is flat and looks beautiful against the Railings (Farrow & Ball) dark wall of the room. Robust, well made, this was a clear winner and possibly the best value of money I have come across as you also get a very trendy lamp.

photo: Seasons in Colour

photo: Seasons in Colour