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Colour block like a pro on the school run

Fellow moms on the school run, I salute you. For making it to the school gates in one piece even if the contents of the PE Kit are still in the washing machine and the science project on the dining table. You made it here before the bell rings the start of the school day and that is an achievement to be celebrated. Don't beat yourselves for not looking as glamorous as Renata Klein (Laura Dern in Big Little Lies) while dropping off your precious. After all, sanity comes first.

Who has time to dress up for the school run you say. I hear you. It's not a priority. And if the PE Kit is not ready, then a styled up scheme won't magically find its way in front of your wardrobe, waiting to be worn at 7am. I mean, these are all my thoughts that go to my head even on the days when I am working from home and I am not stressed about managing the school run AND putting myself on the right train to London afterwards.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an easier way of getting styled up with minimal effort?

Oh yes there is.


It is not something that is ground breaking, you heard it all before. But, oh my, it WORKS on the school run. Literally, mix the colours, any combo and you're done. You could probably buy 2 trousers and 3 jumpers and be done for the whole season, as shown below. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Cashmere Relaxed V-Neck Sweater, Raspberry, £99 | Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan, Washed Orange, £120 | Wide Leg Crop Trousers, Mid Blue (recommended by VOGUE), £59 | Rib Funnel Neck Sweater, in Mustard, £59 | Miller Leather Large Circle Shoulder Bag, Fiesta, £110 | all John Lewis & Partners

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