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40 ways to style shelves LIKE A PRO

How to style a yellow String Pocket

Actually, there are so many more, but here are my top picks. To make sure I give you the best ideas possible, I am using the String Pocket system by String Furniture as the reference here which currently retails at £115 for the 3 shelves as shown here.

The Pocket was designed by Swedish architect Nils Strinning and has been around for more than 60 years. It was designed in 1949 and it's as relevant and desirable today as it was back then. It is part of a shelving system that is at the core of 'Scandinavian design'. The structure is light weight, yet stable. It is simple to assemble and the shelves can be easily repositioned according to your needs (and the height of your items). The side panels keep everything in place and, by adding extra panels and shelves, the combinations are just endless.

Minimalistic in its design, it has a timeless appeal. It comes in a range of colours for the panels and the shelves so whatever your decor, you will be sure to find one in a colour to suit your interiors (and scroll down to find my favourite colour way).

And while minimalistic in its original form, once styled, it can become anything you want. It can be dressed in a bohemian way with art, go masculine or fun with pops of colour in a kid's room. I hope the photos below will be a source of inspiration on styling your shelves!


Seeing this photo I am thinking that this could work in my home office too! For a similar wall colour try Farrow and Ball Railings (as seen in my study) or Dulux Javelin. Keeping your office supplies tidy and looking good, this is the black and walnut Pocket. Let's call this the Monochrome Office. Accessories from HAY. Image: Nina Holst for ROM123.

How to style a black and walnut String Pocket

Now this is an easy look: love your books but not that they come in different colours? Just turn them around (like I have done here). Image:

How to style a white String Pocket

You can also use the string to store your books in a common area, together with art and plants. Image:

How to style a black and walnut String Pocket


The white shelves are really popular with Scandi fans possibly because they are so easy to use propped against a white wall. They also work well as you can literally add any colour through your styling. Below, the shelving and wall may all be white, but you can still see colour added through the book spines. This example shows that symmetry works well - see the height across all items use? Image by Cate St Hill.

How to style a white String Pocket

Accessorize with candles. But to be honest, this is looking rather sad and empty, I am sure I'd think of a couple more things to put on! The gold tea light holder is by Tom Dixon. For a fancy candle, try Diptyque. For similar candle holders try iittala.

How to style a white String Pocket

In this photo via Beeld Steil the vases and bird are from Normann Copenhagen.

How to style a white String Pocket

Go organic with lots of plants. Keep the height the same for this look as the vintage mix n match tea cups already make the look busy! Just raid your nearest charity shop for mixed style teacups!

How to style a white String Pocket

For Similar bug prints try The Curious Department. Their Beetle in the Rain limited edition prints start at just £10. For Apothecary jars try Rockett St George here.

How to style a white String Pocket

Above: Great styling keeping it monochrome by Kate Lavie. A passion for Diptyque candles apparently. Below: another minimalist (via Nordic Leaves). Table Lamp: Milk Lamp by And Tradition. This is the Vitra Eames House Bird (£135, John Lewis).

How to style a white String Pocket


Remember you can play with the height of your shelves. So your records will fit just perfectly, along with your vases. Photo: Interior Junkie.

White and walnut String Pocket

This 60th anniversary limited edition brass and walnut Pocket is just superb, don't you think?The pastel colours on these shelves and vintage pieces make us want to go all retro. Image:

60th anniversary limited edition brass and walnut String Pocket

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