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40 ways to style shelves LIKE A PRO - part 2

The open design of shelves facilitates easy visibility and quick access to stored items, promoting efficiency and minimizing the time spent searching for belongings. Moreover, shelves can be versatile in design, fitting into various rooms and styles, and they can accommodate a wide range of items, from books and decor to kitchen essentials.

Let's have a look at how you can use the String Pocket shelving system at home to store and display items.


Who designed the String Pocket shelving system?

The "String Pocket" shelves were designed by the Swedish architect and designer Nils Strinning. Nils Strinning, along with his wife Kajsa Strinning, created the String System, which includes the iconic String Pocket shelves.

The String System was initially developed in 1949 and has since become a classic in Scandinavian design. The String Pocket shelves, introduced later as a smaller and more compact version of the original String System, continue to be popular for their simple yet stylish and functional design.

Tips for styling your open shelves and bookcases

Play with Color 

Use color intentionally to tie the shelves into the overall color scheme of the room. Consider color blocking or organizing items by color to create a cohesive and curated appearance.

Mix Textures

Incorporate a variety of textures to add depth and tactile interest. Combine smooth surfaces with rough textures, such as woven baskets or textured pottery.

Layer Items

Create depth by layering items in front of or behind others. This technique adds dimension and makes the arrangement more visually engaging.

Personalize with Collectibles 

Showcase your personality by incorporating personal items and collectibles. Whether it's travel souvenirs, family heirlooms, or quirky finds, these elements make the space uniquely yours.

Consider Functionality 

While aesthetics are important, don't forget about functionality. Ensure that items you use frequently are easily accessible and that the overall arrangement complements the room's purpose.

Clever storage ideas for your bedroom

Utilizing shelves as additional storage space offers numerous benefits in terms of organization, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal.

Shelves provide a practical solution for decluttering living spaces by allowing items to be neatly displayed or stowed away.

By efficiently utilizing vertical space, shelves help maximize storage capacity in areas where floor space may be limited.

Additionally, well-designed shelves contribute to the overall aesthetics of a room, creating a visually pleasing and organized environment. Remember that the String Pocket shelves come in many different colors. It is important to use a color that is close to your interior decor, as Paint Colors Affect Your Mood and Home Ambiance.

Whether mounted on walls or incorporated into furniture units, shelves are a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for enhancing storage and maintaining a tidy living space.

Using the String Pocket Shelves in a kids room

You know how I said white is very versatile and you can really style it ANY way depending on the colours you add on it?

Well in a kids room, having a white String Pocket shelve unit can totally elevate your scheme. And this clever system can also accomodate a desk and cabinets too.

style shelves

What is the difference between String and String Pocket?

Remember that the String Pocket is the smaller version of the String system although it shares the same modularity and adaptability. It is of course designed to display smaller objects like books, plants, art etc.

However, when installed correctly, it is sturdy and can hold a lot. it can be used in any room really, including the bathroom and the kitchen.

style shelves

Are open shelves good for the kitchen?

Inspired by the latest Great British Bake off? Invested in cute pots and utensils but want to keep them off your work top? Pile them up on your Pocket!

Open shelving continues to be a trend and in fact with a shelving system like this (or their bigger ones) you can easily lightly wash the shelves keeping everything not just tidy but also clean.

I love the idea of being able to see the wall all the way to the back, I think that it makes the room look so much bigger.

style shelves

Using String Pocket shelves to display collections

So I said that open shelves in the kitchen are a current trend. The simplicity of the look and the ease of getting the items you want is great. However, this look might not be for you though if you get a little crazy about dust.

Do not place your open shelving close to the hob, or everything will start feeling sticky pretty soon. Find one of the more 'dry' areas around your kitchen instead. Layer the plates and mugs upside down ideally to avoid dust setting in.

For items that you do not use often, lean them against the wall at the back of the shelf.

style shelves

style shelves



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