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40 ways to style shelves LIKE A PRO - part 2

So far we looked at styling your string Pocket shelves in the office, going white on white and mix and matching. Now let's have some fun in the kids rooms, shall we?

And while minimalistic in its original form, once styled, it can become anything you want. It can be dressed in a bohemian way with art, go masculine or fun with pops of colour in a kid's room. I hope the photos below will be a source of inspiration on styling your shelves!


You know how I said white is very versatile and you can really style it ANY way depending on the colours you add on it? Well in a kid's room, having a white Pocket in from of wallpaper can totally elevate your scheme. In the photo below via Petit and Small, the black and white wallpaper gets some colourful characters who could well be living in the forest!

Image Credit

Image credit

Now isn't this brilliant: the diamond theme wallpaper pattern is replicated on the skirt in the photo. The soft grey works well with the pastel green. While there is plenty on the shelf, the use of white on most items makes this look less cluttered. So here's a tip to remember: keep items in the same colour way to make your shelf feel less cluttered. Image via

Not a fun of wallpaper but still love a bit of colour? These handy shelving systems will make a great display for toys of all colours in a toddler's room.

Image Credit

Image Credit


I see why you'd think going from pink to grey is quite a drastic change, but we're nothing if not pushing the limits further around here! So, next time the husband says that the String Pocket is not strong enough - big enough for his mancave, show him these pictures please.

Image: Anna Sodenber

Image: Gulnaz Oldmark

Image: Josefine Haa

Image: Marie Strenghielm Nord


Inspired by the latest Great British Bake off? Invested in cute pots and utensils but want to keep them off your work top? Pile them up on your Pocket - minus the octopus though!

Open shelving continues to be a trend and in fact with a shelving system like this (or their bigger ones) you can easily lightly wash the shelves keeping everything not just tidy but also clean. I love the idea of being able to see the wall all the way to the back, I think that it makes the room look so much bigger.

Image: Lina Kanstrup

Vintage pots and mugs find the perfect partner in this grey String Procket. The typography mugs are by Arne Jacobsen (available through Skandium here).

And as for that little wooden bird? Kristian Vedel designed his family of BIRDs - children, parents and grandparents back in 1959. Though only the small BIRD was set in production, it quickly became one of the most successful Danish wooden products from the 1950s.

Today, the entire expressive BIRD family has been re-introduced. They are all handmade by a small wood turner in Denmark who only uses high quality smoked and natural oak wood. By tilting their heads in virtually any direction, the BIRDs can express every frame of mind - happy, sad, curious, alert, etc. The bodies can be turned upside down making it either a male or female. From £39 available here.

For similar woodlands style black and white ceramic mugs try Marimekko (from £16).




Image via


So I said that open shelves in the kitchen are a current trend. The simplicity of the look and the ease of getting the items you want is great. However, this look might not be for you though if you get a little crazy about dust.

Do not place your open shelving close to the hob, or everything will start feeling sticky pretty soon. Find one of the more 'dry' areas around your kitchen instead. Layer the plates and mugs upside down ideally to avoid dust setting in. For items that you do not use often, lean them against the wall at the back of the shelf.

On the shelves below, the typography mug and plate are again by Arne Jacobsen as before.


Image via


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