40 ways to style shelves LIKE A PRO part 3

In the final instalment of this mega post, I wanted to share some more colourful styling ideas while also introducing the latest additions to the String Pocket family. Remember that this is not a sponsored post, I genuinely like what I am sharing here, and think you will too. So we're ready to...


A great way to make the most of your shelves here - pack them with books or ceramics but go for consistency in colour. String added the blue Pocket back in 2015 I believe (when this post was originally drafted) and no better time to put them on your wall than now that BLUE is so big.

Burgundy is a recently added colour in the Pocket collection. Now, this I would actually team up with white ceramics for contrast. Some of the recently added pieces that have caught my eye are from West Elm.

Stainless steel Pocket? Oh yes! Even better for the open shelving kitchen we were talking about!

Image: randihusom.blogspot.fr

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