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5 [great] reasons to invest in a stove this fall

As we start to add layers to our clothing and find our cars with a bit of frost first thing in the morning, it dawns on me that we're in the final stretch for 2018, a year that has been all about bold, dramatic colours and mindfulness in our homes. And as we go though our current bathroom makeover, I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the potential kitchen renovation that will see us extend the back of our home to create a large open plan entertaining space. Complete with a wood burning stove.

Our home came with a gas fireplace in the living room, which is sweet - I love the effect that fire has in cold nights from autumn all through winter; it is remote controlled too, meaning I can turn it up from the comfort of my sofa, 3 meters away. But I do like the effect of real wood burning fire even more. I love the smell of burning wood too.

If you are considering adding or replacing a stove and need some convincing, I have 5 good - great - reasons why you should invest in one this Fall.

1. They suit every space, no matter the style or size

If you thought that you need a Scandi-styled home, complete with reindeer hides on the floor and woven baskets to save your fire wood in order to own a stove, think again. Nor does having a stove make your home look less contemporary. That is because these days stoves come in all kinds of designs (as well as shapes and sizes) to suit a variety of interior decor.

Yes, you can still find the traditional all-black mini stove for your Victorian holiday cottage (try the Farringdon Small Eco by Arada which has a lifetime guarantee, non smoker paint and comes in Midnight, a dark lead paint - it also has a solid 4.9kW heat output).

But you can also find a contemporary looking stove slotted neatly into a modern setting, providing a little of that wow factor.

Wood burners don't need much space for storing the wood nearby. Yes, obviously having a really nice recess next to them filled with wood is a Pinterest dream but the reality is that few of us have such space to dedicate to fire wood.

But that should not be a concern (or show stopper to buying a stove) as many have storage space below them. And they can burn both wood or solid fuel, like the ARADA i600 Slimline Freestanding which features an all-new full glass door offering an unlimited view of it's ames. Available in short and mid heights, this modern, multi fuel stove is certain to make an impressive centrepiece. And your pets will love it too.

The ARADA i600 Slimline Freestanding wood burning stove and a dog sitting on a sheep hide in front of it

The ARADA i600 Slimline Freestanding wood burning stove and a sheep hide in front of it

ARADA Arada Farringdon Chestnut mood board

Shop: ARADA Arada Farringdon Chestnut. Find your nearest stockist here.

2. You can heat up the space that really needs it.

You really don't need the bedrooms to be kept warm during the day when no one is about, do you? But keeping the kitchen or living room warm makes sense because these are the hubs of your home.

Arada's Farringdon wood burner has the ability to burn at low levels for more than 10 hours, and features a contemporary design with a large fire-viewing glass, ensuring that the flames are displayed with maximum impact.

So whether you are sitting opposite it or want to keep an eye to it from across the room, this wood burner will keep you company while ensuring the space feels toasty warm. It combines the finest in British design with the latest innovations in technology, to offer superior all-round burn performance to efficiently heat your space.

A tall farringdon wood burning stove with storage for wood underneath

Above: The ARADA Farringdon in Mist

3. A stove can save you money

Hear it from the Experts: in this Which? survey, 43% of the stove owners surveyed said they believe getting a stove had saved them money. But of course! If you only use them in the room you spend most of your time in, and don't have to rely on your energy suppliers then it's only natural that you will spend less on your energy bills.

And with a design that has a lifetime warranty, you have that extra comfort knowing your initial investment will soon pay off (and that means you spend what you save on home accessories. Bliss!).

4. They are eco-friendly too (while ALSO looking great!)

Because wood takes in carbon while it grows, and turns it into oxygen, it is considered a carbon-neutral fuel; but even so, wood-burning stoves still need to comply with Ecodesign, a new European-wide law which aims to lower emissions and improve air quality, and due to come into effect in 2022. When you are buying a stove, you need to search for the special sticker that lets you know that the product you are buying is future-proof and meets this legislation.

In the UK, the Stove Industry Alliance was formed in 2008 with a mission to promote the benefits of stoves, their use and safe installation. In February 2017, they launched the SIA 'Ecodesign Ready Scheme' at the House of Commons, supporting UK manufacturers to release stoves that meet the lower emission Ecodesign limits, five years ahead of the legislation. And guess what? If you buy your stove from Arada you will have that peace of mind!

In fact, Arada's Farringdon range also meets even stricter North American EPA low emission levels.

Arada Farringdon wood burning stove in red pink colour in front of a white wall

Arada Farringdon wood burning stove in red pink colour in front of a deep purple wall

Arada Farringdon wood burning stove in red pink colour in front of a deep purple wall

5. It contributes to mindfulness too

Feeling a little overwhelmed at work or stressed at the end of the day? Nothing beats staring into the fire and slowly falling asleep! Fact! Only it is safer as the doors will prevent a stray coal jumping out! With the hygge movement still going strong, creating a cosy home that will give you that cocooning feeling is even easier with a stove.

And don't forget: tell the kids that Santa can also come down the stove flute at Christmas!

A traditional looking Arada stove in a cottage setting

With seven distinctive colours to choose from (from the traditional tones of Slate and Midnight, to the vibrancy of Spice and Atlantic) Arada stoves will bring a touch of contemporary style to interior spaces, and an eye-catching centrepiece that can be enjoyed all year round. Want to know more about how their stoves are made? Check out this video below!

So do you already own a stove? If so do you recommend owning one?

Are you planning to get one and if so, do you prefer traditional or contemporary style?

How about colour? Do you have a preference?



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