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5 [great] reasons to invest in a stove this fall

As we start to add layers to our clothing and find our cars with a bit of frost first thing in the morning, it dawns on me that we're in the final stretch for 2018, a year that has been all about bold, dramatic colours and mindfulness in our homes. And as we go though our current bathroom makeover, I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the potential kitchen renovation that will see us extend the back of our home to create a large open plan entertaining space. Complete with a wood burning stove.

Our home came with a gas fireplace in the living room, which is sweet - I love the effect that fire has in cold nights from autumn all through winter; it is remote controlled too, meaning I can turn it up from the comfort of my sofa, 3 meters away. But I do like the effect of real wood burning fire even more. I love the smell of burning wood too.

If you are considering adding or replacing a stove and need some convincing, I have 5 good - great - reasons why you should invest in one this Fall.

1. They suit every space, no matter the style or size

If you thought that you need a Scandi-styled home, complete with reindeer hides on the floor and woven baskets to save your fire wood in order to own a stove, think again. Nor does having a stove make your home look less contemporary. That is because these days stoves come in all kinds of designs (as well as shapes and sizes) to suit a variety of interior decor.